Sunday, August 6, 2017

Sunday Funnies

Image result for sunday funnies images*Jan Wahl wants to be known as a "film historian" --yeah sure, and I'm a Russian history major.

*KCBS' Jon Bristow is on the air now so much I think the station should be "KCBBristow."

*Stan Bunger and Roberta Gonzales: Mr. and Miss Nancy.

*KCBS staffers had quite a giggle in the lunchroom the other day; some longtime staffer told some hullabaloo joke, apparently. Only something down the pike isn't that funny: the impending Entercom takeover of CBS Radio. Layoffs are inevitable and that's no laughing matter.

*Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame: Everyone in local radio gets inducted eventually. Because, you know, Ben Fong Torres needs to write a Sunday column.

*Yeah, that Brian Hackney is renowned. So is a Chia pet.

*Michael Krasny is headed to the BARHOF too which is great if you like listening to crickets making love.

*KQED TV and Radio: 58 year-old divorced women who read Leah Garchik and live in Berkeley society.

*THIS JUST IN: Ben Fong Torres is about to write his next "Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame" article because he doesn't write enough posts on the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame.

*KNBR just fired the nighttime janitor. Makes too much.

*If Susan Leigh Taylor were paid every time she said, "...on my way into the studio I saw some drizzle on my windshield..." she'd have Warren Buffett money.

*Radnich likes Black women. I do too. We agree on something. Stop the presses.

*Darya Folsom: Oh God, if Herb Caen was alive.

*So much for the olive branch to Ronnnnnnnnn Owens. OK, but I do need a new mattress.

*NBC Sports Bay Area: Just damn riveting. Especially those post-game baseball shows.

*Feldy and Fareed: slightly more penetrating than "The Outsiders."

*Amber Lee: you're not the Asian Rita Williams.

*Excuse me while I throw up: Those KGO-TV ads touting Reggie Aqui and the morning news.


  1. I salute you, you have the power! In a previous post you tell Claudine Wong to dump the Ross type white blouses, get a Nordstrom credit card and buy something more flattering...she did and she wore it this morning.

    Can't even begin to tell you how beautiful, sexy and appealing she is because of the rules of engagement I was taught in my Sensitive Training class.

    I will say I love daring women, they are extra special. They deserve a pay increase and a generous clothing allotment.

    What a great way to start the morning, a full hour of two highly desirable women, Rosemary and Claudine, no need to change the channel.

    1. When I watched her this morning I noticed she talks as if shes talking to a friend on her cell phone. So fast, words barely audible. And she seems to stumble over words constantly. That is my opinion on what I saw. Rich, suggest something on delivery please :)

    2. 6:47...I'm completely absorbed by the "beautiful" visual she generates, she could stutter, wouldn't bother me at all.

    3. I hear you 7:53. That's the way I feel when I see Jan Wahl or Gabourey Sidibe on television.

  2. Hackney is a drip. He is a mediocre science and weather reporter, and a painfully awful anchor. His tenure as a news magazine host was like the rest of his media career, which has given new meaning to the word "meh." His act is part nurd, part wannabe sage, and always patronizing and awkward. He is hopelessly dull, to the point where he makes Michelle Griego, Kenny Choi, and Allen Martin appear vibrant. The Hack's unremarkable work would be better suited back in San Luis Obispo, or even better, back at Raytheon in Santa Barbara (and off the air).

  3. How is it KGO TV seems to have the serene well oiled machine newscast from one hour to the next even into the weekends?
    KTVU getting a little hectic..
    KRON- All anchors,reporters are begging "Don't judge us by Gary" written all over them.
    KPIX?...hmm.No there,there. Melissa is nice..for the half hour a week you see her.
    KNTV.. SJ is killing them. But! Jessica's legs will hold you until they go back to the Almedan valley out there someplace...

  4. Just watched The Hack on PIX's 6 PM weekend newscast. All of those years on the air, and at the weekend anchor desk, and his presentation is still ungainly.

  5. When Entercom takes over can they stuff cotton in the mouths of the sports anchors who MUST replay a sporting event from somewhere? Who in the hell started this crap?

  6. So good. So true. Ben Fong must know someone because he's stealing money writing his bi-monthly or whenever he feels like it Radio Waves tripe. He says nothing. He has an endless supply of the pronoun "I" because he needs the ego boost.

    NBC Sports Bay Area is like Russian propaganda TV. It is controlled by the government (the teams who have programming on the station). What a joke. You'll never get the straight scoop and be damned if you hear of anything negative. Meanwhile, programming will be sending subliminal messages to get you to buy Panda hats and other Giants crap the average person doesn't need.

    Wonder if Rudy Fitzgerald will double as the nighttime janitor so he can get his raise. Maybe Lee the Hammerhead will help him so he can get his meal money for 49ers road games.

    Good stuff here. Telling it like it is. Too bad most of the readers will disagree. They're zombies.

  7. The ads say Reggie Aqui has 20 years of experience. At what? Being a putz? I think someone has been reading your blog posts. What a joke Reggie Boy is.

  8. Rich,

    When will the local brass take you seriously? You have a noze for newz, Rich. You also have that marketwide team of tipping informants to alert you of the seamy underbelly -- the back alley-side of news generation, warts and all, and that lazer-like perception!