Saturday, August 5, 2017

Saturday Morsels; Morale Low at KGO-TV; KQED Needs To Refine Newscast; KRON Commitment to Sports; Henry Wofford is a Nice Guy

Image result for doughnuts and coffee If what I hear is correct and I do believe it is, the morale inside KGO-TV (ABC7) is low --there's a lot of unease among staff over the Heather Ishimaru case (soon to be litigated if it isn't settled) and the continued friction with News Director, Tracey Watkowski --she's been having an internal feud with veteran reporter, Wayne Freedman. How Watkowski keeps her gig is beyond me.

*The surreal quietness at KNTV (NBC Bay Area) is disturbing enough to cause speculation that there's a ton of problems in San Jose at the NBC O and O. "Too quiet" says a local industry wag. Maybe the ND's honeymoon is over.

*Nicest sports guy on the planet: KRON's Henry Wofford. Good guy. Good person. Knows his stuff--a favorite of the industry. Well-liked by everybody which is tough in today's ass environment.

*Credit where credit is due: OK, KRON, your commitment to sports involves a lot of, well, commitment. I'll wipe the board clean and give you a shot now don't screw it up.

*Does KCBS' super sub, Jon Bristow, ever leave the building? I was kidding of course when I joked Bristow, the ex-KGO tonsil, was on the air so much he might as well bring a bed to the office but now I'm not kidding. Bristow seems to be on 24/7. I know, it's August, but still.

*KQED why not do a straight nightly newscast with heavy emphasis on LOCAL issues and interviews as opposed to the putrid "This Week in Northern California?" Too logical.

*NBC Sports Bay Area: much ado about nothing.


  1. You know when Wofford first got here? Radnich made some crack about the affable guys easy laugh as "I got here first". In other words he saw a potential rival.
    Funny how it worked out.

    1. Mildred in PittsburgAugust 6, 2017 at 11:13 AM

      You know something about rivals. When the new regular showed up at Hometown Buffet 2 days in a row the room heard you loudly say, "Who is this honky?

  2. Rich, Thanks for your nice comments about Henry Wofford. He truly is a good guy. One of my favorites.

  3. KQED stopped "This Week in Northern California" a few years ago. That was a good show. The replacement, "Newsroom", is what's putrid. I have no interest in stores about LGBTQ-people-of-color-recovering-drug-addict-and-homeless dance troupes.

  4. If this hire is the beginning of the end of Fatnich then I'm all for it.

  5. Oh, Rich! If you only knew!

  6. Besides Bristow, I hear Martin Lens an awful lot too. Any reason for this?

  7. Commitment to sports? KRON only hired Wofford to handle the two football specials because it wants to try to tap into the sports dollars in sales. The two weekly specials shows on the 49ers and Raiders is not a commitment to sports, it is a play to garner money.

  8. Better Bristow than Stan KCBS news time Bunger. And where's my honey Roberta?