Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Bottom Line

Image result for Bottom Line DON'T READ THIS!

I mean, don’t read this on a company computer. Don’t read ANYTHING from this site on a company computer. You may not have paid much attention at the time, but at some point, you probably clicked “I AGREE” on some mind-numbingly mishmash of legal gobbledygook in order to continue using your crappy little workstation. By doing so, you agreed that management could see every site you visit, replay every keystroke you make, they are watching you, and that’s not a song by Sting.

I tell you this because I hear over and over again how this site is read, discussed, sometimes dismissed, but always, always sought out by you folks in Bay Area radio and TV newsrooms. Why? Because no matter what I write, I’m writing about you. So how can you not?

But here’s the thing, boys and girls. If you want to continue getting the low-down, nitty gritty on who’s doing what to whom and with what utensils, I need to eat and pay the rent. Just like you.

You and I have something in common. We both love what we do. But would you do what you do for free to the point of poverty? Because that’s me, right now.

So I’m passing the hat. Again. This time, think about what a boring world it would be without somebody writing about YOU. Or, even better, without somebody writing about that dip-nuts anchor, no-nothing manager, gas bag reporter, or the latest va-va-voom with the big bazooms. It WILL happen... if I can’t get just TWENTY-FIVE contributions of 25 bucks each.


Thanks, pals. I really am on your side.

Here’s how to chip in:

Click on the Pay Pal Icon on the Right Side Of the Blog To SUBSCRIBE: It's only $25 FOR THE YEAR (that's roughly 2 bucks a month; the average cable bill is $300 a month) $30 for 2 years...or you can simply make a DONATION --I will personally call you and/or e-mail you thanking you for your contribution.

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