Friday, July 28, 2017

Somebody Actually Noticed KPIX AM Anchor Kenny Choi Was Missing

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The amazingly underwhelming Kenny Choi, KPIX's Morning anchor who has moved the needle like an Eskimo sucks on ice, has been missing a lot lately.

A lot.

From a reader:

"Over the past couple of months, he's been gone for one week and two week stints.  Malevich substitutes for him. 
He's been off the morning show more than he's been on for the last month and a half? I also don't think he has much presence on TV, despite his efforts. Wonder if he's looking at hightailing it back to Hawaii?"

The reader is very astute.

Frankly, I don't watch PIX much in the morning and if I happen to catch them, it's usually by accident.

Choi, who was hired by ND, Dan Rosenheim, has been a disaster. With disasters in TV News, there's usually some hullabaloo --with Choi, who's as bland as a double case of Wonder Bread, nobody notices. Well, someone has. Belatedly.

I haven't heard anything about Choi's future but if he's been looking around I don't blame him. I sure hope he's renting too.

Because KPIX is run by complete yahoos who wouldn't know TV News direction if a Fred Zhender clone hit them, this figures to be a footnote inside the lunchroom at 855 Battery. The good thing: Somebody actually noticed that Choi was missing.

Now, that's a headline!


  1. Maybe he's on "assignment".

  2. "Kenny Choi...has been missing a lot lately."

    He'd fit right in with the Giants' announcing crew.

  3. How come Ken Bastida has been mentioning that he is going to be in every weeknight if he is not going to be in?

  4. Part of the "it factor" is having a personality that draws viewers to your station to watch you deliver the News.

    Another part are the (obvious) beautiful women. I applaud ABC7 for hiring one gorgeous woman after another!

    A poster recently complained about the "cocktail dresses" that were too tight, ?????!

    I offer the following mandatory dress code for all the News channels which will defuse the problems of all our women being who they are...gorgeous women!

    No dresses which reveal any curvature of the body, front or back. Hemlines at least six inches below the knees at all times. No upper attire which is sleeveless which is almost soft porn, zero bare arms or shoulders. No heels or platform type shoes, it's not a fashion show, only high topped sneakers either white or black. Absolutely zero makeup, it's not a beauty contest it's a News organization. No ( oh my God) silk undergarments, cotton only, it's not the Mustang ranch. And to eliminate any accidental nipple exposure, wearing of two breast harnesses (bra) will be mandatory.

    I like the beautiful women, their cocktail dresses and everything about them. Let them be who they are...gorgeous, sexy women delivering the News, let them be who they are...gorgeous women. I especially like the "daring ones," the women who don't like being in a box!

    Can you imagine the News without them, I can't!!

    1. Very nice Don McKenney!!!

  5. And still no final call from CBS HQ about DR and the PIX staff, no matter their Emmy stature. If the ratings are that bad and it's less expensive to make the right moves, then why is NYC still unsure and not done a damn thing about these yahoos?

  6. Time to replace both of them, the news is already getting poor ratings, why not just replace both Kenny and Michelle with a new start.

    1. The recently fired team from Sacramento would be a great replacements. Dale Schornack and Christina Mendosa (formerly of KXTV)

  7. OMG!!!! They Killed Kenny!!! Those Bastards!!!!

  8. I like Ann Malcevich on air. Good delivery, no nonsense. But she doesn't fit the required eye candy profile. Too bad. Wonder if CBS ever wondered if Cronkite fit the eye candy profile?

    Well, that was another time for TV news.

  9. We all should fail like Kenny. Paid to live in San Francisco and his fall back is returning to Hawaii. Now,if it was Hayward..