Thursday, July 27, 2017

Morning Noise; Giants' Broadcasters' BS; Kuiper The Most Horrid; Gary Radnich Loves Trump; Memo To Matier and Ross; Thursday Liners

Image result for Radio TV media MORNING NOISE on the radio. The shrieks begin every weekday morning at 6 AM --there's a lot of NOISE on the air. It's a broadcast clusterfuck with heavy duty traffic --like a ten-car pileup on 880 from Oakland to San Jose.

The noise is your radio littered with traffic reports every five minutes or so; loads and loads and loads of commercials; endless spots that routinely feature that obscene "Kars-for-Kids" audio monstrosity; inane chatter; sound bites, 'bits", whatever that seem to pollute the airwaves every minute or so; it's all disgusting AM tripe; like I said, N.O.I.S.E.

It would be one thing if there were actually something useful to listen to but instead we're inundated with the shit; a Rubik's cube of jetliner quality engines with a bunch of turbulence coming from all direction. I have a headache. Pass the Tylenol.

*Here I thought Giants' fans were more than your garden variety sports schlubs --that they possessed some intellect and moxie but I was wrong. You dare attack, criticize the broadcasters and you're suddenly a scarlet letter. I thought the Bay Area was more sophisticated than Podunk. Not so.

I wrote the other day that the Giants' broadcasters, like the team, seem to be taking the season off. If you listen closely enough it's right there for you to discern. Duane Kuiper, a good play-by-play announcer, is the worst offender. Have you heard Kuiper on the telecasts, on the radio? Lots of dead air, I means LOTS. It's PAINFUL to listen to and if I were a Giants fan I'd be pissed. I'm not even a baseball fan and I'm pissed. Kuiper seems to be taking the losses really hard and has said as much on the broadcasts. That is, when he's actually broadcasting. As the losses mount, Kuiper seems more and more depressed. Mike Krukow is not as bad but that's not saying much. Jon Miller, a Hall-of-Fame broadcaster, allowed nearly ten seconds of Dead Air last Monday Night late in the game versus Pittsburgh. It was mind-boggling to listen to and by the way, I'm not the only guy that thought it sounded strange; one of the nitwits on the KNBR Morning Show mentioned Miller's MIA too which is kind of astounding since KNBR and the Giants are in bed with one another.

*Soon to be on the go: NBC Sports Bay Area's Fallon Smith, she of the squeaky voice and short dresses: her basketball coach hubby is moving on too hence Smith's action.

*Hey NBC Sports Bay Area: that show, the Giants-themed "Outsiders" is actually more funny than "The Happy Hour." My god I mean I've seen some bad ass TV but this shit beats 'em all.

*Tim Kawakami: yeah, he's enlightening. Destined for Toledo.

*Allen Martin and Brian Hackney: if these guys are supposed to be stalwarts for KPIX then Reggie Aqui is Walter Cronkite.

*Radnich actually said the other day on the radio he wanted more kids because when he dies he wants more people around him. What a charming fellow. Maybe they'll bury him in the Bentley too.

*One person Pero doesn't fuck with is Stanley Roberts.

*We'll know the Giants are in really deep trouble when Larry Baer starts taking inventory of the Press Box hotdog freebie. Which would be seriously bad news for Schulman and Ratto.

*Memo to Matier and Ross: here's the players, now prove your editorial prowess: Jack Davis, Baer, Joe Lacob and Ed Lee. Citizens of SF, you're welcome, remember to contribute to my 415 Media site because I need to eat.

*Now that KRON is expanding news Radnich is going to have to work, what a bummer.

*Radnich can deny, deny all he wants, he gave $500 in cash (naturally) to Donald J. Trump.What the hell, his wife is an avid listener to KSFO.


  1. Giants fans are brain dead zombies. You should know that by now. They're a bunch of spoiled children. Grow up Giants followers. There's more to life than dusting off that Panda hat and wishing every game lasted four hours.

    Fatto needs to go on a diet. Maybe that'll change his sourpuss personality. Actually, that'll change when he can see his feet for the first time since the Carter Administration.

  2. Kuiper said the score right as the inning ended yesterday. It was so self conscience it had "Getting Lieberman off my back" all over it.

    1. Yo Stan, what's your address? I want to do doughnuts in the street in front of your house.

    2. Richard in PenngroveJuly 27, 2017 at 4:41 PM

      Stan, are we still on for Dinner at the McDonalds in Petaluma, on McDowell? On me! Don't forget the corks.

    3. 4:35,Hard to do that in your '74 Vega.
      Richard,sure why not? What could go wrong?

  3. Radnich? Like with Lund and Greg Papa ..not a mention of Trump. ALL had been their to complain on air when Obama went golfing. Radnich went after Michelle Obama's dresses as I recall. He hasn't said a thing about Melanoma other then "She's the most beautiful first lady ever"
    So,yes,I agree,he's a pro Trumper,and his denials are just lies.

    1. Orenthal James "OJ" TheObserverJuly 27, 2017 at 4:34 PM

      That Radnich, such a racist! Married to a black woman and all!

  4. Tim Kawakami, the most boring sports writer in America.

  5. So sorry for the next market that has to endure Fallon "Failin'" Smith. Every time she is on the air, Fallon falls on her face. If we are lucky, she'll take Jim Kozimor with her.

  6. Glad horrible helium-voice Fallon Smith will be moving on soon. Just checked Henry Wofford's Linked-In Account. Still kind of mysterious about Wofford's sudden departure from NBC Sports Bay Area earlier this year. He worked there from January 2010-January 2017. Though bombastic at times Henry did have a very engaging personality who had a real good rapport with athletes(especially African-American jocks) from the Raiders, Warriors & A's.
    I really enjoyed his Raiders post-game hosting duties along with Lorenzo Neal & Bill Romanowski. Hope Henry can get back into the Bay Area Sports Market-love to see him replace the wretched KPIX Radnich Clone Vern Glenn & or the overrated Dennis O'Donnell. Rich-Keep up the great work!!

  7. Radnich wants more kids, so that there will be more people at his funeral

  8. Replace G fans on the West Coast with Yankees fans on the East Coast, and Lieberman might actually say the same thing about them when they have an off-year (only difference other than the Coast sides is that the Yanks have just one insufferable - radio's John Sterling, although there may be another one subject to debate).
    Thank you, 11:13 & 12:58, for sharing how my family feels about the insufferable Fallon. Good riddance to Ms. Smith!
    Haven't watched a single minute of NBCSBA since the Warriors produced the first Oakland-based championship clincher since the Amazin' A's of 1973-74.
    Kawakami and Marcus Thompson now online only at a website called The Athletic. It's a pay-per, so it's out of my budget. Oh well.
    Would CBS HQ please make final decisions on PIX, especially for the tuned out Dan Rosenheim (long overdue to go)?
    The Hairpiece-loving Bentley is getting more disgusting every day.
    I dare the Bentley to try and verbally run over Stanley Roberts.
    Lockstep Larry may have a legitimate beef about Schulman and Ratto (pardon the puns), but when will he ever learn that the Amy G superstition is now just real stench?
    Haven't been keeping up with the Chron, so Rich, are you saying that you are disappointed that Matier & Ross haven't covered enough of Jack Davis' efforts against Mayor Lee & Lacob-Peter Guber? Haven't heard of a Davis-v-Baer battle, so refresh me, anyone. Comments are indeed welcome about Davis' latest news.
    One other Bentley story I want badly to forget is that during KRON's last NBC years, he actually did sportscasts pantsless, even in front of the late great Pete Wilson (although always behind the desk and never in front of the camera). No wonder Wilson never cared for the Bentley!
    Finally, maybe we should ship the Bentley to NE Ohio, where TIME magazine did a story on how delusional too many in the Youngstown area still are about the Hairpiece's "likability", regardless of all the physical and verbal abuse he admits to. The Bentley and the NE Buckeyes would make a perfect match (although heartsick for the family roots town of the DeBartolos, a city whose economic plight was once the subject of a Springsteen song, and who now has to put up with Orange Hair-loving zealots).

  9. Spend a week in San Diego listening to Ted Leitner before accusing the Giants' broadcast team of being awful. Puts things in a whole new context.

  10. KRON 4 Still no.1 as your top sex crime news Tweeter. Nobody else is even close.
    Then those interns who post those,help Radnich do his Friday family fun.

    1. I agree.Radnich is off his meds. I dont see the stoned look he used to have on KRON.
      I tell you,NEXSTAR has made a big difference on him. He's not red faced either..or huffing and puffing all through the sportscast like before. He even admitted on radio- he doesn't park in handicapped parking anymore.
      But,that could be a lie.
      What you meant 758?

  11. Never cared for I really hate him cuz he's a Trumpster. I despise these deplorable loons.

  12. What happened to Gretchen on Alice?

  13. I've finally figured out how to get my comments posted on your blog.
    It's simple, really. All one has to do is gratuitously express Anti-Trump sentiments, like your favorite fan does, and whammo!

  14. Another reminder that there's nothing to watch on TV or listen to on the radio.

  15. Yes, Kuip can come across as grumpy when the Giants lose. Miller actually said this week when Pirates pitcher Gerrit Cole (brother-in-law of Giants shortstop Brandon Crawford) was in town, "He (Gerrit) is married to her (Brandon's sister's) husband." Huh?

  16. Really enjoy your site but am slightly puzzled at the amount of posts about the Giants broadcasters. They're just as disappointed in the team as the rest of us. I also don't think the comparisons to Simmons and King are fair. That was a different era, things change whether we like them or not.

  17. * Oh, thank god. I was afraid more than 2 days would go by without you trashing Radnich or the Giants' broadcasters. Seriously man, get some new material. There's nothing wrong with a little dead air to let the sounds of the actual game breathe. More announcers should take note. Not every little second of silence needs to be filled, especially when you have nothing to say.

    * As for Fallon Smith, are you sure she's going and that we'll be able to tell the difference? They way she screams during every segment, we might still hear her.

    * Of course the Outsiders is funnier than the Happy Hour. A 3 hour seminar on how insurance rates are calculated is funnier than the Happy Hour. I've taken shits that are wittier than Greg Papa. Whichever exec green lighted that shit show should be forced to pick corned beef crumbs from Ratto's stache, daily.

    * Kawakami is destined for Toledo? No, people have heard of Toledo. TK is destined for obscurity. Hardly anyone was reading his drivel for free. No one will actually pay to read his incoherent and nonsensical ramblings, especially when he blocks anyone who disagrees with him on Twitter. Hmm, who else does that remind me of?

  18. Pero doesn't mess with Stanley because Pero will need Stanley to escort him to his car when he finally gets canned.

    Pero knows he will get a beat down...and Stanley will be Pero's only protection.

  19. Radnich: No surprise that he supports Trump, like go figure, since he shares so many of Trumps psych traits. Egomania & not getting All that he gets wrong. But I still-really-fail to understand why KRON keeps him. His appearance is nothing like any other media guys: no shade about his weight, but he dresses like a slob & obviously doesn't care. He's allowed to "call it in" & rarely goes to any games. What's his Bay Area Q rating?

  20. Kuiper is great. His style allows for stretches of silence. That's not dead air, at least not to me. I enjoy not having somebody filling the air with mindless words because they think that's what you're supposed to do. Kuiper is damned refreshing!