Monday, July 24, 2017

It's War Between KCBS' Bunger and Bristow; No Dinner Mates; 415 Media Afternoon Coffee

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Stan Bunger
DON'T INVITE STAN BUNGER and JON BRISTOW to dinner. The two KCBS anchors are at war, and we do mean, war, a 1-2 egofest that seems to be getting more heated by the day.

We told you that the veteran Bunger and ex-KGO tonsil, Bristow were already at odds not so long ago. Notice that both have never co- anchored together and there's evidence that the pair nearly came to blows at a back office not too long ago. Why? Territoriality, for one.

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Jon Bristow with Jennifer Jones-Lee at KGO
Bunger recently signed a contract extension (about three years) and is adamant that he's not retiring anytime soon. Bristow, a favorite of ex-big suit, Jack Swanson, and who has been filling in all over the KCBS airwaves is an odds-on favorite to take Bunger's spot once the Alameda resident retires. That has Bunger royally pissed off. He apparently, says a local broadcast source, is peeved over Bristow's growing influence at KCBS and open yearning for a Morning Drive gig once Bunger leaves.

"Stan is upset for what he believes is some BS behavior by Bristow. He knows he's 'Jack's guy but he's got a job to do and that Bristow is spreading his wings too fast and furious," said the source.

Furthermore, Bunger is said to be wary of the impending Entercom takeover of CBS Radio (including KCBS) with rumored layoffs and cuts to staff are looming.

Hey Bristow: my advice, stay away from Bunger.


  1. Karen in Rohnert ParkJuly 24, 2017 at 2:52 PM

    Bristow's an Asshole. He walked into my local Starbucks and said to the barista "It's 10:28, I'm Jon Bristow and I'd like a latte.". The barista's reply was "Aren't you the Manager at the Valero station?". Total Bunghole.

  2. Pretty obvious Bunger will be out soon

  3. Jon Bristow has never taken your advice. He's done quite well, in so doing. Mr. Bunger will retire. Mr. Bristow will replace him. None of it matters.

  4. Bristow is a piece of shit. He's got nice pipes but probably couldn't conduct an interview to save his ass. Bunger is a journalist at least. Either way, satellite is still an attractive alternative.

    BTW: what was up with the board problems at the 5 am hour today (Monday)? The anchor had a hard time shutting off the CBS news feed at three after the hour.

  5. I'd always wondered, and my question applies equally to radio as well as television -- does the anchoring business make fulminating, neurotic, and raging egomaniacs out of people? -- or are those already inclined that way the ones who enter the profession?

    1. Actually, there ARE some pretty nice guys out there. And gals. Stan Bunger is one, So is Carolyn Johnson, although not in this market any longer. As luck would have it, I HAVE had coffee (and more) with both and we truly enjoy each other's company. No cutthroat artists here!!

  6. Put Bristow and Jennifer Jones Lee in the AM. And I don't give a fuck if he's an ass hole. MOST people are ass holes.

  7. Bunghole without john madden to give a daily rimjob , is crestfallen.