Saturday, July 22, 2017

Bay Area Women TV Anchors That Had The Hots For Me

Related image SHE WAS IN HER PRIME KTVU, Elaine Corral --we met at the Emeryville Dennys after a last night out. Immediate chemistry. Lots of giggling, small talk, she made goo-goo eyes at me before easing off into the moonlit skies of Powell and Christie. She loved me, I'm pretty sure; then again, she looked happier in the parking lot later on --I sensed failure when my last sight of her was when she was high-fiving the security guards.

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Wendy Tokuda
*Wendy Tokuda: Wendy and I were confident pals. She liked my arrogance but it wasn't only that--I told her things she didn't want to hear but she trusted my influence and said that I galvanized her in compromising situations. No, it wasn't really that; it was just that I never teased her about her father-in-law's gig as a game show host. It would have been easy to ask "Wenster" if she had a "thimble in her purse" but I never went there. She was nuts about me but hubby prevailed --as he should have. 

Image result for kate kelly kpixKate Kelly: KK had a secret crush on me; one time she whispered in my ear that we should have early evening cocktails at the Van Ness Ave Holiday Inn. I was nervous at first because I made it clear that I was seeing another woman and that this was "strictly business." She agreed and said she just wanted to be friends. We had a steamy night at the bar --she ordered a Ramos Fizz --I had a glass of cheap merlot --I spent an hour talking about Richmond live shots. She started giggling. Again. Secretly, I think she loved me but I'll never know.   

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*Marcia Brandwynne: Marcia always had the hots for me but she was over the top. I told her countless times that I was only comfortable being "friends." I think the night that it got out of hand was a late Wednesday when she was done with the 10 and we met at a cheap motel bar in Jack London Square. She was dressed in a conservative black suit with pumps --I ordered some PBR and she gave me the bird. Like I said, I only wanted to be friends. That said, Marcia was a champion. Even through this turbulence we had much respect for one another. Love can be troubling.

Related image*Cheryl Hurd: Cheryl has always been nuts about me. She's married. It's crazy. One evening while I nibbling some cheese fish at the Berkeley Motor Lodge, she interrupted my table and said she had daydreamed about me. "Huh?!! Are u kidding, Hurdster?" I asked. She said it wasn't so much love but rather "you were so cute when you sang that Charlie Pride song to me." I didn't remember but that didn't matter. It made a mark on her. Could you blame her? I thought so. 

Related image*Thuy Vu: She is deeply, madly in love with me. I think it really hit home the night we had triscuits and cheese in bed. Nothing happened. I told her being that I was Jewish, there was this chemistry with Asian women but I wasn't ready yet --plus she met this man from Montreal and told me that I was "second in command." Although clearly angry, I was relieved too. She apologized and told me it wasn't rejection but respect. I told her no apology needed. Love means never having to say you're sorry. 

Image result for belva davis*Belva Davis: Belva, and I RESPECT this woman so much, was adamant that we could have this "special relationship"--I agreed. Nothing romantic at all which at first I balked but soon relented. I tried everything but to no avail. She was touched and humbled when I sang to her the "Double Dutch Bus" song. I only do that for VIP women. 


  1. I fell in love with Terilyn Joe the day she sang the "Diff'rent Strokes" Theme to me while wearing her Batgirl Underoos at the Budget Inn in Rohnert Park. It was Love at First Sight.

  2. Best anchors who either quit or let go and cannot work as a front anchor until retirement. I met Wendy around Lake Merritt one time and she is extremely nice.

  3. So YOUR the one who told Elaine go with the horrid brassy blonde hair?
    Damn you.

  4. I always found Elaine sexy, especially in her post anchor long straight hair look days.

    I had to look Brandwynne up. I thought she was the one that died in a crash or something and everyone found out she was a man. I forget who that was.

    No banging of Leslie Griffith or Margo Myers, Rich?

    Belva? You aren't picky are you.

    1. Beverly Johnson of KGO died in the car crash on Doyle Drive.

    2. Karina Rusk was always a bit "freaky".

    3. Look at the vitriol Rich took when he broached that subject previously.

  5. It was Jayne Dornaker who died in a helicopter crash. And I pumped Maggie Scurra's gas at Cupertino Shell in the 80s. Back when we had full service at gas stations. She was none too happy that I got the station number where she worked wrong.

  6. Very odd column this time. Very odd. I liked it.

  7. Wendy Tokuda is the most overrated broadcaster in the history
    of Bay Area television. In the Broadcasting Dept. at San Francisco State, one of my professors called her the Queen of
    Redundancy. During elections, she would say, "Gavin Newsome
    is 'out ahead', Matt Gonzalez is 'trailing behind'."

    1. > Wendy Tokuda is the most overrated broadcaster
      > in the history of Bay Area television.

      Back in the late 80s when she was with Mac on KPIX she was much better, and when they wanted to get a female co-anchor for Mac later in the late 90s he really pushed for her. They chose Dana King instead. I liked Ms. King enough, but she and Mac had zero chemistry.

      So Wendy came to KRON. Don't know why, but she couldn't say a sentence on that station without tripping over her tongue, and once she messed up, rather than land on her feet and continue, she'd just stare like a deer in the headlights.

      Producers always type in the anchor names in the intros at the start of the show, for some reason, even though you should know who you are. Seems to just be tradition. Once the producer forgot, and the show started and she said, "Good afternoon, I'm---" and then she stopped, because the words "Wendy Tokuda" weren't there. Seriously.

      And let's not forget "Secretary of Defense Ronald Dumsfeld."

      When she'd screw up, she'd take it out on other people--the scriptwriter, the production assistants, anybody junior to her who couldn't fight back.

      There was even a rumor they had a coach working with her at one point. They wouldn't do that with any other anchor and lord knows why they'd do that with her. But KRON wanted everyone to think they'd nabbed a star.

    2. > she would say, "Gavin Newsome is 'out ahead', Matt Gonzalez
      > is 'trailing behind'."

      If that were the worst of her sins, she'd be in the Broadcasting Hall of Fame.

      Woman couldn't read two stories in a row without mispronouncing something. Even when you put a pronouncer in the script.

    3. Agreed with 5:18 100% on her first stint on KPIX, she was very capable, later on KRON and on PIX again, there was a change.

  8. It's the "Parade of the School Marm's."

  9. Wake up Rich, Wake up Rich...

  10. Your like a fine wine Rich, you getting better with age...

  11. Speaking of Bay Area women in media, Andrea Borba is looking especially professional lately. She was very polished in a recent on-site report. Of course, her reporting is always beautifully delivered and spot on.

  12. My first news crush was Pam Moore and Janice Huff. I grew up watching Channel 5 at 6 and Channel 2 at 10. It was just automatic. In the early 90's, I discovered KRON when this FINE weather lady and this woman like an older cousin (fine in her own right) were on the air on 4. I think the first time I really saw them was during the Oakland Hills fire. I was a fan... 'till I guess the story is Gary ran her off ?

  13. "Gina"July 26, 2017 at 8:02 PM

    Oh, Rich!

    If you only knew! I'm not about to divulge my name, but after I left the set and the studio, I'd retreat to my home in Pacific Heights where it was quiet. I'd open up your website, take off my top, and get really, really comfortable. It wasn't long before I was highly stimulated and excited. Should I tell him who I am? Should I make a move? It's never too late.

  14. Elaine , sweet elaine!