Wednesday, June 14, 2017

In a Nutshell

The shooting of congressmen in Virginia this {Wednesday} morning, took place at a safe time for KGO Radio talk and discussion, which is good because had the incident took place last night (Tuesday), the taped host was discussing "National Sewing Day." I swear to God.

*No, Brian Murphy, KNBR Morning Show, the Warriors should not go to the White House (if they're invited and they haven't been yet); Murphy overly pontificated this morning "they should go, stop all the rancor, show some civility." I'm paraphrasing Murphy's words but it was essentially "Respect the office of the presidency." In normal cases, I would agree with Murphy but in this case how can you respect the office when the current occupant doesn't even respect the office?

*CNN has destroyed the legacy brand of legitimate "Breaking News" to enhance its programming; it's a journalistic malpractice and it needs to be called out. Walter Cronkite is shaking in his grave.

*The shooter of the congressmen was reportedly a supporter of Rachel Maddow and "a leftist" therefore all "leftists" and supporters of Maddow must be responsible for the shootings --that's the narrative of Fox News and it'll be nonstop all day long. In a nutshell: this is crazy.

*Maybe  Ronnnnnnnnnn Owens is really a 70-year old Ethan BEAR!-Man: Owens started his KGO Radio Wednesday program talking about Uber cars. The incident in Virginia got a mention. Maybe there's something in the water at SF-Cumulus or Ronn's latest gadget has infected his brain.

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*Wolf Blitzer: If Henny Kissinger was 69.

*CNN's excellent Pentagon correspondent, Barbara Starr: she's about as good a reporter as it gets I just hope she doesn't get Zuckered.

*Fallon Smith, Comcast: My God. It's not only the voice (she has no control) but the idiotic, embarrassing disposition. What a disgrace. 

*Knowing Ronnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, I'm surprised he didn't do 10 minutes about gadgets on the morning on 9/11.

*KPIX new slogan: We have shit for anchors therefore let's hire another hundred new reporters who don't know crap about the Bay Area!

Great job, Dano.

*I wouldn't be surprised if Averi Harper, the ex-KRON reporter who was bullied and harassed on the job by a boorish producer, were to go after the albatross station, BIG time; she's supposedly lawyering up and that's not good news for Kronvicts.

*Oh, Aaron Pero: must have photos.

*Pero and Tracey Watkowski: if you believe in the age-old theory: if you act like an asshole and treat people like shit, there's a future for you in TV News Director gigs.

*Just so you know: Owens spent over 45 minutes on cars --45 MINUTES! ...while the world was reacting to the shootings on the Virginia baseball field. Owens and KGO circa 2017: Birds of a feather...

*Christin Ayers: At first I thought she was network-worthy, but now? Meh. She's better then Melissa Caen though.

*Thank god for KCBS on a day like today.



  1. Not just cars...that might have been mildly interesting, but a bureaucrat from the Union of Socialist Distrikts of San Francisko. Riveting radio, just riveting. Ooohhh wait...a Handerly spot! My favorite! Can I combine the KGO package with the KNBR package?!?

  2. I think "Mr. Blitzer" should be "Zuckered" at CNN. He started the phony "breaking news" problem. He starts his program every day with "breaking news". What's he going to do when there is real breaking news? today. I know I will change the channel. He is a terrible interviewer as he constantly interrupts his interviewees. I guess CNN (Zucker) probably does not have the courage to let him go.

    1. His halting delivery drives me nuts. Yup, dump him! And I have no idea why CNN is allowed to run so many commercials. We have to pay to get the damn channel!!

  3. Hiyata and UltraMan in WindsorJune 14, 2017 at 11:06 AM

    I want to see Barbara Starr and Jan Wahl in a Sumo match. Barbara will distract Jan by leaving a Titan Burger outside the circle, then KI-YA!! her ass into the third row. Now THAT'S a Judge Ginsberg!!!

  4. Ronn devoted more time to the shootings in his second hour, when he had congressman Eric Swalwell on. Don't know if it is a manager decision or not, tend to think so, since KGO is no longer a news station. However, what was even more disturbing was KSFO morning show. Brian Sussmann was off, instead his brother Brad was on with Katie. As soon as they news came that the shooter was a left wing nut (yes they do exits, just as do right wing nuts) they started to speculate how "lame street media"(I find these made up names very juvenile, they are favorites of Savage and Levin) would down play the incident, even insinuated that some might get close to calling it justified. Just disgusting beyond belief. The KSFO morning show is a joke, with weird noises, repeating words over and over again, sometimes yelling for no apparent reason.

  5. Just listened to Savage's opening lines, he is blaming Obama and Eric Holder, and calling for Rachel Maddow to be shut down because her show is hate speech against Trump. I know Rich like Savage, and he can be entertaining, but lately he has become very predictable, still blames Obama for everything, or almost everything that is wrong, in his opinion, with this country. He rails against Google and Facebook and thinks Trump should shut them down, not sure of his reasoning, because I listen to less than 30 minutes of his show a week. Fortunately, we live in a country where we down shut down private businesses and talk show hosts. Savage is now upset with Trump speech today, saying it was milk toast and Romney like, wants him to be more strong arm. There is only on person to blame for this shooting and that is one who pulled the trigger, as is the case in all of these shootings, being the right or left wing nuts.

  6. I agree with Rich that CNN is a total joke nowadays however I disagree in that I feel that the Warriors SHOULD attend. And yes, not only Maddow is to blame but also throw the Colberts and left wing social media nuts that have brought us to where we are today currently.

  7. Oh please...Richie Rich. Can you not admit to a Left Wing looney who has now resorted to violence ?

  8. Barbara Star kicked ass today.Great, calm, factual,informative reporting. She won't be changed. She's been there forever because she's got a long list of close sources in the State Department and Defense Department. In other words, she's the real deal.

  9. Rich, you're just another political know-nothing. Trump is up against the deep state who needs to bring him down before he brings them down. Our previous 4 presidents are part of this cabal and they are the ones who disrespected the office.

    Get off the fake news and wake up to how its been fake since Walter Cronkite said Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. Over 50 years of propagandist shilling for oligarchs.

    Bezos hates Trump because Trump called him out for having anti-trust during the campaign. Bezos owns WaPo and also has a $600 million dollar contract with the CIA. They are the fabricators of this false Russian narrative and you prove to be just another clueless media type who thinks they know the game but knows virtually nothing of what really goes on.

    1. I'll second that, but will the great Richie censor it?

  10. murph on KNBR ,your sports and Vatican leeder''...!

  11. How bad is KPIX? Yesterday, during Judge Judy's 4pm hour they ran canned news promos that didn't mention the UPS shooting. They only mentioned the baseball practice tragedy in DC. Only shortly before 5pm did PIX mention the UPS shooting. Are they lazy, incompetent, or both. SAD!

  12. Of course you can't grasp the concept of "civility".

  13. Avery wont win. Non longtime Reporters never do. She might win unemployment checks. Unless KRON says they fired her for a bad job.
    Then go to court and tell the Judge.