Friday, June 30, 2017

415 Media Exclusive: Nextstar Lowers The Boom On Two Veteran KRON Employees; Debra Chamber; Director of Finance For Almost 30 Years Gets Boot Plus Mailroom Clerk Who is Special Needs Individual

Image result for KRON4 NexstarToday represents one of a future of depressing times at KRON-- its new bogeyman owner, Nexstar, showing its corporate kill with the dismissal of two, very different long-term employees whose last day is today, 415 Media has learned exclusively.

The first to get the heave-ho is the very high ranking and highly-compensated Debra Chambers.  Chambers is not a household name but she has been the one controlling the money for years at KRON as the Director of Finance and AdministrationShe's been with the station for 27 years.  She was the one who crunched the numbers to see what a program needed to succeed and where to cut if needed. She was the power player.  She was also the HR lead and led union negotiations.  

Image result for nexstarThe second is a sad reflection of the ownersScott Thorson is the mailroom clerk.  He's been with the station for over 20 years delivering the mail and getting supplies. The thing about Scott is that he is a special needs individual.  It has been said by Scott's parents that working at KRON changed him dramatically. Others stated it really altered his life. In a good way.  Having a daily job gave him a purpose and motivation. Says a friend: "Scott was the epitome of dependable-- always showing up right on time and wearing his KRON jacket proudly."

No more. 

On the face of it, these two employee casualties will not directly affect the daily goings-on at the perennial albatross KRON, but the ousters represent the course of future action by Nextstar which has already sent shivers up the spine of those folks mistakenly believing "all is OK." Nope.

These are not the last personnel moves --only the beginning.

*415 Media Exclusive


  1. Stanly recently posted a strange vacation "goodbye" on youtube. He seemed kinda down.

    Don't fret Stanley...I'm sure some local ststion would pick up your PBB franchise...

    You DO own that I hope.

  2. Darrin in Rohnert ParkJune 30, 2017 at 10:16 AM

    This is disgusting. The whole damn thing. I wish I could hire Scott myself. He'll find a job quickly with his impeccable work ethics.

  3. As long as some of the worst personalities get removed, the terribly unfortunate removal of Thorson will be further overshadowed. There is at least one 33-year vet that clearly needs to go, and may Nexstar show the spine to make it happen and not be Hairpiece-intimidated by a certain Bentley.

  4. Most former KRON folks who had ever interacted with Chambers would probably echo my sentiment that she was not a pleasant person; if she was present in a meeting or attended anything involving an employee it was a bad omen. And over the course of a decade and change of terrible behavior from a General Manager and News Director, steadily declining morale, accusations of harassment and complaints from staff about a toxic working situation, as HR she ensured that each and every instance led to the employee themselves getting pushed directly in front of any oncoming traffic and allowed bad behavior to continue as anybody with smarts bailed and others were let go and had such a terrible experience they left the news business altogether. Her job may well have been to protect the corporation's best interests and she did it to a fault, and I hope that was of some comfort to her as she walked out of that building for the last time, with a long history of being a big factor in what many would consider to be one of the worst working environments of their entire lives. Of course, those employees who had been let go before her didn't have the advantage of decades of fair compensation and likely a healthy farewell package, but then again the guy who steered the Titanic into the iceberg was also one of the first on the lifeboats.

    Thorson worked hard, was a positive person who made the place better. While his position may not have been necessary any longer his dismissal is still sad to see. May he find a way to continue being productive and a bright point in the days of those he meets.

    1. First thing I thought when I read "HR" was huh,she's the one that let Radnich step all over the woman at KRON. She allowed him to drive away Diane Tuazon and who knows how many others.
      NEXSTAR has done alright so far. Radnich toes the line like never before.

  5. Sad. I've never been a huge KRON viewer, I just deleted the channel from my remote/TV.

  6. Anon at 12:04 on Chambers...absolutely correct, and I will triple that sentiment. The person who mixed the kool aid and passed out the shit sandwiches and said they tasted good, she is the type of person that you see in the business world, and have to wonder how people can live with themselves. A POS if ever there was one. As far as middle management douchebags and suck ups, she is a corporate boardroom dream. She enjoyed 27 years, a good ride for someone who didn't deserve it.

    1. Now the coast is clear to take out the last 4.
      Mystery Meat

  7. I had to stints at KRON (one as an affiliate and one after)....Scotty was a very pleasant man and all who interacted with him were the better for it. Damn shame for the lack of sensitivity of big business.