Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Sinking Millennium Tower Houses Big CBS Exec; KCBS In Ruins Over Tattered New Voices; Ryan Scott and Ronnnnnnnn Do Another Superficial Lunch; KGO Radio Behind the Scenes Mystery; Mike Anthony Know Nothing; Owens Still Really Detests Michael Savage Because Michael Has Ratings and Ronnnnnn Has 'Copie'; Wednesday Scrambled Eggs

Image result for San Francisco KCBS building THAT SINKING SHIP known as the Millennium Tower is still sinking addition to star sports and social higher-up people who have a pad there, there's also the BIG SHOT CBS guy that has a suite on the 44th floor who brings his lady friends over after a night out; I'm not sure his wife knows.

*Because you had to be a big shot, didn't you? Assist to Billy Joel.

*KCBS scrambled eggs: A longtime spy tell me the place is besieged with paranoia. And lots of sniping too. "A prominent sports guy (probably Steve Bitker) is going nuts over the new traffic and sports anchors...He says they're "uncoachable" and that they're not worth the time and effort."

Furthermore, the evening sports guy that got the job without even interviewing and has a nasty habit of doing lousy impressions in the press box has been going around town telling everyone how "great I am and how 'this job' should have been mine years ago."

*Maybe he should punished and forced to watch "The Happy Hour."

*Ronnnnnnnnn and his buddy, the insufferable Chef Ryan Scott, were lunching the other day at Perry's --why were they celebrating? I dunno, did Scott finally get a non-PSA ad on his stupid radio show that is home to the magnificent 7?

*Ronnnnnn Owens en fuego: mattresses and brunettes that aren't his wife in the KGO studio.

*Tracey Watkowski will always be employed at ABC7 as long as a bigwig ABC exec, Rebecca Campbell is working. Campbell is in charge of the O and O's and affiliate queen at Disney and supposedly loves Trixie.
Image result for Ronn Owens Brian Copeland
Ronnnnnnn Owens looking fresh and mattressey

*Something is going on at KGO Radio, I can't seem to get anyone behind the scenes to talk but I feel the pain...not the pain KGO is feeling everyday when the hosts don't talk about the TRUMP/COMEY/RUSSIAN deal because KGO hosts are largely ignorant doofuses manipulated by sCUMULUS yes men in Atlanta.

*The joke that is no joke: every time a Cumulus suit visits SF, Ronnnnnnnnnnn asks for a picture with the guy. And here I thought I was insecure.

*Mike Anthony: hope you're renting.

*Justin Wittmayer: White and bulkey, mid 40's: a Cumulus hire mold.

*Yeah, so Ronnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn DESPISES Ethan BEARMAN but still has a hard-on for Brian "I hired all my daughters and sons", Copeland. Screw the "R and B Joke Hour", more the "R and B nepotism hour."

*Speaking of Copeland: when the Comey/NY Times item hit, the not a genuine Black Man was talking about listeners favorite ice cream.

Image result for Sexy woman radio talk host*Owens to a KGO staffer during bathroom break: "Michael Savage is an asshole!" Poor Mr. Softie --NO ratings and ETERNAL jealousy.


That hot, sexy, Black woman visiting KPIX the other day had quite the interview with one of the suits...believe me, they were not talking about the venison at Kokkari.


  1. Arthur in CotatiMay 17, 2017 at 11:17 AM

    Ryan Scott can live off of the McDonalds royalty checks for inventing their new Crab Sandwich. I liked it when he worked at my nearby McD's...always gave me free Big Macs and said "Hey Baby, let's cut the cheese" to me for some reason.

  2. Love the aforementioned Billy Joel song; haven't heard from Supe Peskin on TV about the Tower - he's the SF leader that is ready to confront the potentially liable schmucks who built the mistake in the first place; Blog followers who are Circle 7 viewers need to deluge Ms. Campbell with disgust that Trixie is clearly destroying morale at KGO - stick up for your favorite reporters/newscasters and tell Campbell to stop the infatuation and respect the employees some more (fat, laughable chance); sorry that the Rat is living up to his name in yours and your readers' views; KG-No (way) Radio - the worst victim of the Cloud Clowns; what does Savage really think about the scandal now? And I don't mean on the airwaves - I mean what he won't say to the Hairpiece Cult Following that helps his ratings a little. (His skills obviously help the rest of his ratings.)

  3. Yes, there sure is something going on a KGO radio. Hear the stomping? Bigfoot has arrived!!! KGO 810 is now the Bay Area's Bigfoot station, w/Coast to Coast aired late night now. Bigfoot? On KGO 810? That's the best they can come up with? My oh my how times change. And even more shocking, Bigfoot is much better programming than what was aired prior, John Batchelor.

    1. 8:20...It's called Looney Tune radio, there are no Bigfeet.

      Breaking news, breaking news, Bigfoot has a name!! The "most famous" Bigfoot sighting, video footage of Bigfoot filmed in 1967 near Bluff Creek, CA was the decisive proof that Bigfoot is out there according to all the Bigfoot experts?????.

      I can still remember what all the experts said, "Finally we have proof, you can see the muscles moving under the fur, the stride is much longer than any human stride, it has no neck, it's a female you can see the breasts, the arms are very long."

      The name of that Bigfoot was Bob Heironimus, he was wearing the ape costume!

      Your mind is capable of seeing things that aren't there, ever have a dream? What you are dreaming isn't there but it sure seems real. A species must exist in numbers sufficient to sustain a breeding population!!

    2. Dear Bigfoot Denier
      look what you're missing tonight

      "reptilian humanoids and a secret underworld empires which consist of alien cultures and lost civilizations..."

  4. Biggest political story of the century and where's expert political analyst, John Rothmann?
    I called and told them to get John on the air NOW!\So disgusted I could scream.

  5. John Batchelor is still on at 10 p.m. for 3 hours I believe. They put Coast to Coast on instead of repeating John Batchelor. 8:21 you are so right, since they are repeating Ethan it would be easy for them to put John on at no notice. I too am frustrated. I work retail and have a long commute it just so happens that I drive to work at noontime, when Ethan comes on, and I leave work around 9 p.m. when they repeat his show. Anyway I don't listen to him (which I informed KGO of). I might listen to his open monolog, but usually at noon I switch between Michael Medved and Tom Sullivan, might tune in to Michael Savage for a little bit. Usually Tom Sullivan wins out, he is more conservative than I am, but he listens to all sides, and let caller that disagree with him on and voice their opinion.

  6. I don't know why I bother writing these comments that are critical of Savage, because Rich never post them, but he is an asshole. Ronn might be jealous of him, Ronn might also be an asshole, but at least on the air he comes off as being a nicer person than Savage. I listened to Savage a little the other day, he was touting all his virtues, what he was good at etc. at least he has enough self awareness to admit he sucks at personal relationships.

  7. Boarders,language and culture!! Beats Ethan and Chip by light years.

  8. Thank goodness for internet radio services and podcasts. Much better than local radio these days.