Monday, April 24, 2017

415 Media Monday Pot Luck Lunch; I'm Back, Back, Back, Oh The Misery; Monday Nuggets

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Sitting and standing and walking I should have never taken for granted especially when I feel a darting pain in and around my back...

Thanks for all the remedies and advice. More than I can handle. This back hell is all new for me. I should have known that things were starting to go too well for a change.

Funny, Friday started out well; I felt a whole let better considering all of last week was pleading with the medical gods to get me some major meds to alleviate the pain, which I should state again is HELL...maybe worse than "The Shower Hour" and "The Happy Hour" because they eventually come to an end while my misery now seems to be eternally eternal. Why me? I don't need this now.

I think I know the cause --wait a minute, I'm almost a hundred percent certain it was an unforced error brought on by my humanity to a family member. So hey, God? Gimme a break. Get me brownie points for assisting a loved one who aided and abetted my present condition. I'll have your back too someday if you need it.

The thing about backs, you do yourself no favor by laying in bed. So I've slugged along mostly out of boredom and fear. I don't know any better. I do know that simple sitting is a bitch. Somehow the pain plays with you; it's as if the body wants to place you in a comfort zone only when out of nowhere....OUCH, OH FUCK!...So yes, writing this drivel is painful which caused me to miss a week for the first time in ten years; much as I missed you lovers and haters and much as some of you missed the local media beat, I literally couldn't sit still. I ached like hell. I felt like a Cumulus intern on her first day at the local sweatshop --otherwise known as the KNBR/KGO/KSFO/KFOG sales dept. "Hi, I'm Maggie, Mr. VW manager, would you buy some time on the radio? We have a good deal and we really LOVE commercials and I'll make you a great deal!"

*Madison Bumgarner: probably more to the story but you'll never know since the local toy department doesn't know anything about investigative reporting. You would think the Chronicle scribbler who covers the Giants' beat would have made some calls other than relying solely on the Giants brass. Of course that would require work which is a commodity here.

*John Rothmann has pretty much been given the weekend slot on KGO Radio only they won't announce it officially because that would be like entering the Kremlin grounds in a small airplane. Wait a minute!

*600MG Ibuprofen; muscle relaxers; Tylenol; 325MG aspirin --hell, the only thing I'm not on is the way, I remember when crack was a part of your anatomy.

*Rush Limbaugh: I knew we had something in common only I don't have a maid to pick up my dope.

*As I write this now I'm miserable so to the Copelands, the Wahls, the Darya crowd, you gots your happiness --enjoy it while it lasts.

*Speaking of misery, the KPIX "Morning Show." Yeah, a new traffic chick that has about as much electricity as a backgammon game in Waco.

*Dear Christin Ayers: love you as a reporter. Anchoring? Meh.

*Erin Moran: damn.

*I wish PIX would come clean with some of their "live" shots that aren't live at all but recorded a few minutes earlier. Sure, it's picky but ethics are important. If it ain't LIVE then just leave the live graphic out. By the way, PIX isn't alone. KGO and KRON do it too; KRON has an excuse because, well, it's KRON. KGO, no excuses.

*A week of bliss: Gary Radnich gone from the sports desk. Or more to the point: Brittney Shipp had a week off from el San Jose schmucko.

*Real pain too: the latest iteration of the Kars for Kids TV commercial --the one that looked like a Partridge Family sound check circa 1971.

*Yeah, you're right: Fallon Smith is a joke. But what else is new.

*Dave Feldman: maybe Harbaugh paid off Comcast after all.

*Radnich had a great Opening Day: The Giants, KNBR, dinner...and a rented Jag thru the Tenderloin.

*Eve Batey: speaking of baseball, designated yenta.

*TIME OUT while I pop a Tylenol popsicle.

*KCBS has been permanently stained by a freeway-sized pack of terrible traffic voices. Most notably the overnight DJ who sounds like he's about to spin a Santana tune while mentioning a big rig flipped over on 280.

*Wait a minute: he was a DJ.

*Burnt toast: KFOG: I mean, who actually listens to that carp anymore.

*Ben Fong Torres: The art of press release features.

*If only Rolling Stone were relevant anymore.

*Melissa Caen: softer than a Utah whorehouse.

*Foodie Chap: trade-outs and Irish cream, what a party!

*Ronnnnn Owens: Copeland's Steadman.

*K-101: someone is stealing toilet paper from the bathroom so it's not that uninteresting a radio station.

*Larry Krueger and Damon Bruce: two parts, intermixed. (Inside baseball)

*Unlucky SOB: the schlub selling Raiders games on 95.7 FM (The Game) Yeah, live and "local", sure thing.

*"Giants' Replay" --yeah, that a thrill. Wake me up.

*Pop quiz time: What was the original name of "Wham?" Answer: "Bam, thank you mam."

*Just a rumor: sell KGO Radio; gets Cumulus some needed on-hand cash to cover massive debt. Just a rumor but who knows.

*KRON Spectrum thought from me: It's the market, stupid!

*Remember, about thirty years ago pre-Internet, KTLA sold for about $500 million.

*"Gary and Larry" : 20 minutes of content; 40 minutes of commercials.

*Greg Papa makes about $250G from the Raiders alone, so of course he'll go to Vegas when they go--plus he's the paid shill for Mark Davis.

*Don't invite Ted Robinson to Larry Baer's dinner at Momo's.

*Turned on KCBS and thought I was listening to the old KGO News Dept.

*Jason Middleton: The business of certain San Jose morning anchors.

*"People Behaving Badly": that KGO-TV sales guy and a female bartender at Perbacco.

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  1. Who'd you rather: Erin Moran or Krissy Kraft?

    1. Huh?
      Anyway, great comeback Rich in content, meds are working thankfully!

  2. Lay off the "muscle relaxants" but continue with the NSAIDs and walk more,less sitting.

  3. Just criticizing everyone else is getting pretty stale.

    1. Hey Louise Baby, you don't get it. Most of the stuff Dickie Lieberman says is true. If you can't handle the truth, go read a Harlequin romance novel at your weekly book club meeting.

    2. I can handle the truth but can't understand your senseless comment about Harlequin romance novels or weekly book clubs.

  4. I guess you're talking about "Big Daddy" Victor Zaragosa re the Santana /traffic quip... truth is and no kidding... he's WAY better as a DJ. Totally being wasted on the overnight doing traffic on KCBS... Entercom tho... gotta pay the bills. Kimmie Taylor and Zaragosa in the morning is WAY better than Kimmie, Zaragosa and Mark Curry or Kimie and the Two Tony's. Entercom... move him BACK to the Quiet Storm.

    1. I liked hearing Victor on 95.7 The Game.

  5. Sorry about the pain; try the newer TENS theray - using electric charges for relief.

    So, what stations would you go to in the event of a big event?

    1. I agree, a TENS unit is helpful for temporary relief.

  6. Welcome back.
    The scribbler at the Chronicle will never do any kind of investigative reporting. He knows better.
    If he does, no job. End of story.
    At the Chronicle all the writers are running scared.

    1. Obviously you don't read the Chronicle. You seriously suggest that Scott Ostler is afraid of writing what he thinks?

    2. I think he's referring to Henry Schulman. Not sure.

    3. You're talking about Hank Shrillman, who has never written a disparaging word about those Giants. He's always been a mouthpiece for that marketing vehicle (it's not a baseball team anymore).

  7. The way the Giant organization circled the wagons on the Snot Rocket it wouldn't surprise me if he also put away a few beers on his day off.

  8. Three things that don't go with back spasms, especially concurrently:

    Hiccups, Sneezing, Diarrhea.

  9. Christin Ayers: Great field reporter, and last weekend I noticed she is one of PIX's better anchors, too.

  10. Ask Kerr who his back doctor was.

  11. Why is the "Best of Ethan Behrman" on at 7 tonight? Talk about a misnomer ....

  12. Diarrhea helps the back. Beats constipation.

  13. You post my comments then I will make more donations.

  14. My M.D. advice based on personal experience with two ruptured lumbar discs: 1- Avoid surgery; 2- Sleep on your side with a pillow between your legs; 3- Avoid sitting for long periods.