Saturday, January 14, 2017

KTVU's Cristina Rendon; Saturday 415 Media Short

Image result for Cristina Rendon KTVU As smooth as they get: KTVU's graceful, hard-working, elegant reporter/anchor Cristina Rendon. Not an up-and-comer, industry talk  is that the Channel 2 star has already earned her stripes with a strong presence and significant camera identity.
Most TV News people --at least serious ones, prefer working out in the field as a reporter, with anchoring second.
Rendon seems to be at ease on both fronts and always look forward to her work on KTVU, most certainly a future superstar in the TV News biz.


  1. a 10, don't stab her in the
    back. for fodder

  2. Rendón and Gomez co-anchoring would be a bang up pairing! Bring it. Yumilicious!!!