Friday, January 13, 2017

Get Well David Garibaldi and Marc Van Wageningen --Oakland's Own TOP; 415 Media Video Tribute



  1. I've been in that area of Jackson Square hundred of times, and I have never come close to being hit by a train. I don't see how those two managed it.It's very obvious when the trains are coming. They are the biggest and loudest thing in that area at the time.
    There used to be a huge Border's Books across the street. I'm guessing that bookstore has since closed. So that eliminates the possible distraction of pedestrians going to that store. My guess is the old dudes were a little bit Wined-Up. I hope they recover.

  2. @Anon 920p...hate to nitpick but it's Jack London Square and it was a Barnes and Noble store you're referring to. That's been closed for about 5 years now but a new venue, Plank has opened up in it's spot 2 years ago. It's a bowling alley, sports bar/restaurant, with video games and outdoor bocce bowl. Very crowded must nights.

  3. "You're still a young man...baaaby" Well they aren't, but alive is pretty good. Hit by trains and survived. Amazing.

  4. It sounds like they made a common mistake when a train is coming. Trying to beat the first train and not realizing another train is coming from the opposite direction.

    Please don't screw around when crossing arms are down and warning lights are flashing. A jogger tried to beat a train at Fruitvale Ave and was killed.

    I love TOP and hope they will come out okay. Garibaldi is one of the original band members and a well respected drummer in multiple musical genres. Sonny Buxton spoke highly of him this morning on KCSM.