Wednesday, December 14, 2016

This Is Why You Donate To 415 Media

Image result for Donating to media blogs THIS IS WHY YOU DONATE TO 415 MEDIA...

For scoops like this one.
Furthermore, in today's marginalized media with rampant corporate takeover of your favorite radio and TV stations, you come here expecting free-form expression and action.
And, for the most part, I provide you that forum.
You are aghast at the wussy FCC which has become useless and is but a rubber stamp for the evils of the world like Cumulus. Never forget: Cumulus murdered the old KGO; Cumulus runs KNBR as a sports whorehouse where commercial spots now run more than half the hour on a given show; Cumulus, the company that pays slave wages to most of its heavy-lifting employees at KNBR --making it a requirement that some of its mutts have to drive Uber part time so they can LIVE; Cumulus; the company that uses KGO as a radio warehouse and has fostered ill will to the few listeners like you that give a damn.
YOU mad yet? A little disgusted? Where do you go, the Chronicle? Excuse me while I laugh my tuchas off. The Chronicle, when it used to be an actual newspaper, had a full-time Radio/TV writer that would actually write critical articles and conduct real investigative reporting, is dead. Imagine what John L. Wasserman, the late, great movie and pop culture writer would have done to Cumulus and KGO? Make mincemeat of 'em. Nowadays the Chron has a Rolling Stone scribbler that posts press releases every two weeks. What a swell guy he is.
I am here for you, always have been and God willing, always will be. Circumstances, sadly, to some degree, make it possible now for me to write more material and post information and CALL OUT those that need to be CALLED OUT; and those TV stations and their ilk to be equally held accountable. Who else will do that?
I am here for you but again, I need your assistance --without your donations and contributions --which go directly to me and my ability to keep 415 MEDIA up and running and doing the heavy lifting that needs to be performed. It's just that simple.
415 MEDIA RELIES on your donations and contributions; we get a small amount of monthly fees from advertising but not enough to live on. If only but a fraction of you; many of whom have the vast financial resources would contribute, I wouldn't have to have pledge breaks and put up with the people who come here, repeatedly, and have the nerve to rip me "because I'm 'begging." Like KQED and RSN, yes, those of us that rely on reader donations have to beg. At this point, I don't really care.
PLEASE, if you want 415 MEDIA, PAYPAL me a donation; simply CLICK on the PAY PAL icon on the right and make your contribution now. You'll be supporting a free, independent, and unedited, unfiltered, raw and edgy media site devoted to unique content, original criticism, and mucho SCOOPS galore--oh, and INSIDE Information you WON'T GET ANYWHERE ELSE.


  1. You don't have to donate, give Rich a tip! We tip people who provide a service to us and Rich is providing us a "great service." Gal that cuts my hair, what's left of it, charges me $25 all year and come December (Christmas time) I give her $'s the right thing to do! Give Rich a tip, he deserves it!!

    East Bay Times...After 40 years of home delivery I just cancelled my subscription, except for Sunday only. My bill for 24 weeks of home delivery increased from $187.20 to $261.60, an increase of 39.78% without any explanation for the increase, not one word on my bill. Did the cost of materials increase 40%? Did all the employees get a 40% raise? Everyone has a limit, mine has been reached, bye paper!

    It's Christmas time...give Rich a tip, he more than deserves it. People helping people, isn't that what's it all about!!

  2. I'd give Rich a tip if he published more pieces like this and less hit jobs on reporters in the area.

    His random jabs at the reporters who don't support him makes me wonder if he's trying to be the Perez Hilton of the Bay Area.

    1. Rich, with all due respect to you, I'll explain my position.

      For several months, I WAS a subscriber. I signed up for a monthly subscription, via PayPal. I honestly thought (think) that's fair, as I was reading you daily. (I have subscribed to "Wikipedia," on a monthly basis ... again, because I use them often. It's fair.)

      I cancelled the subscription to 415 Media, late last spring, after you ran 3 "columns," presenting the litany of media celebrities that you hate, in a very short period of time. Even checking your blog, from-time-to-time, I've seen that same presentation several times.

      I'm not going to pay for that. It's not informative. It's not even "fun gossip."

      Yes, you do provide a service. But, as with any service, you have to give the public what it wants. I'm just one person ... but, that's not what I want.