Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Gasia Mikaelian Applying Her Own 'Foxification'

Image result for SF Bay Area media stations   Remember, we want you to smile! SMILE!


  1. I don't get this? Gasia, aside from being very pretty, smiles too much? If my boss told me to giggle and post more selfies, that's exactly what I would do. You know why? Because I like being employed and when your job is to look pretty and read a TelePrompTer on TV, all while making close to 200K/year, yeah, easy call.

    1. Her chest makes ME smile and that's all that matters

  2. Gasia and Natasha Zouves must've had the same broadcasting professors or gone to the same broadcasting school - both smile way too much and at inappropriate times and then feign overwhelming sadness during serious stories. This morning watching, KGO, I was thinking, "Natasha, I'm a grown man, I can decide for myself if a story is lighthearted or serious. I don't need over animated facial expressions to guide me."

  3. Not to names names..but is it a new trend to get weepy or even shed a tear at sad stories?
    I've seen it a couple or three times now in two weeks. Cross news channels.