Friday, December 16, 2016

Roberta Gonzales' Gee Whiz Act Wears Thin on KCBS Radio; Friday 415 Media Opener

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Roberta Gonzales
  IT'S becoming evident that I'm not the only one fed up with the histrionics broadcast daily by KPIX and KCBS Radio weather forecaster, Roberta Gonzales.

Gonzales' act is worn out and is now an embarrassment --especially her morning 7: 20 AM gush-fests with KCBS anchor, Stan Bunger, who himself seems to encourage Gonzales' gee-whiz breathless reports.

This (Friday) morning was  as bad as it gets as Roby got overly excited and sounded as if she was about to hit the beach at Montego Bay.

She was firing out the rain totals from the storm which, sure, was impressive, but Roberta takes it up a notch to the extreme. Extremely bush-league and unprofessional.

stanbunger01 370 Stan Bunger
Stan Bunger
It's as if she's talking like a high-school cheerleader --only problem, she isn't. She can talk like an adult and still be good. I always get the argument about Roberta: "What you see/hear is what you get with Roberta--that's just her." Fine, no one loves enthusiasm and vigor as much as I do but there's a difference between authenticity and phoniness --listeners get it and most of the listeners have now become turned off to Roberta's breathless wonders. She can get away with it on TV but since radio is strictly a sound medium it doesn't work and it's very frustrating --particularly if you're in the car during the commute.

Don't get me wrong. I still like her --she's a veteran and has quite the following of PTA mothers and middle-aged men. She's managed to broadcast here in the Bay Area for well over three decades. The woman is a pro but her audio weather circus has become a major blemish to an otherwise consistently crisp, KCBS Morning News.

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  1. Can we get a recent photo for Roberta? I think this one is from 1998.

  2. First,-this is NO complaint.
    An hour ago or so : Roberta breathy to Stan "We need this break so we-can-take-in-all-SEVEN-inches-in" (rains). I bet Stan was thinking the same as me "Oh yeah baby!,I got your.." Yes,he did!
    Best weather cast of the day!

  3. Stan Bunger is definitely a phony with his "radio voice".

  4. You write about how bush-league and unprofessional she is then end with "the woman is a pro".

    1. When Rich wrote about her being bush-league and unprofessional, he was referring to her unneeded overly enthusiastic delivery. I agree with him, she doesn't need to do - just report the weather. She is a pro.

  5. It's not just Roberta - all of the weather people look and behave like this - every time we have a big storm it's as if we had never had rain like this before - when I was a kid in the 50's we had rain quite often like this in the Bay Area.

  6. Roberta isn't the real problem, Stan know-it-all Bunger is equally if not more annoying than RoGo. He feeds her act. I'm not sure why, but Stan is always trying to impress the listener (and the contributor) with his knowledge of whatever happens to be the topic. I don't care what Stan knows. Shut up and read me the freaking news.