Saturday, November 5, 2016

If You Like 415 Media


WE, I really, need your Help and Support. 415 MEDIA is a self-supportive, independent media blog that survives SOLELY on reader donations and subscriptions. 415 Media is heavily dependent on donations (of any amount) to survive and provide Bay Area readers who are interested in local TV and Radio news and commentary.

To Keep 415 Media UP and RUNNING and to read unedited, unfiltered, and unique content every day, 24/7, I ASK YOU to go to the Right Side of the blog on the PAYPAL ICON and SUBSCRIBE (for $25 a year) and/or DONATE NOW.

\Your contribution(s) keeps 415 MEDIA Humming along and sustainable. Without your help, this site is GONE. Please contribute. Your donations are 100% confidential and you don't have to have a PayPal account to contribute. In addition, I will personally call you or E-Mail you thanking you for your contribution.




  1. Should have sent this sooner. Keep up the entertaining columns.

  2. 70 cents a day is all RL415 is asking for. That's less than the proposed sales tax on a 6 pack of soda in SF and Oakland.

  3. One Jackson and one Lincoln a YEAR...or less than half the price of a Chronicle 1979!! Pay up, kids...drop a Grant for double the fun!!

  4. This is my first time to your wonderfully informative site. A good idea is to allow only paid subscribers to leave comments. I was thoroughly disgusted after reading these comments: