Thursday, September 1, 2016

This is Cumulus Asshole Mike McVay Proving Why Cumulus Is Filled With Assholes

Mike McVay is SVP for Content and Programming for Cumulus; he's responsible for the aiding and abetting for shitty programming like "Armstrong and Getty" and Chip Franklin, for example.

McVay is part of the Cumulus White Man outreach program where middle-aged Anglo aliens invade the airwaves and Kill otherwise legitimate radio stations in the Bay Area and beyond.

McVay is the guy Ronn Owens takes to lunch at the North Beach Restaurant where they both compare their manicures and pedicures; McVay loves Ronnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. White Wine drinkers.

Welcome to the World of Cumulus, where Walmart radio pays its KNBR sports mutts $12 an hour.


  1. What's with the white wine drinkers. In the context sound like it is an insult? I love a good California chardonnay.

  2. Yikes! No wonder...

    1. I'm still waiting for my little yellow bus.September 1, 2016 at 2:10 PM

      Say, anyone pry the Ronn Owens Studio plaque off the wall yet? Lowenstein probably wouldn't even notice it missing.

  3. Wow. Goddamn, I miss guys like Randy Michaels and his outlandish Jacor stations (I was one of his pirates, in Tampa, under Gabe Hobbs at WFLA), Jack Swanson and Ken Kohl here. I loathe the corporate survivor vermin that have colonized our art.

  4. Walmart radio? More like Goodwill Industries Thrift shop radio.

  5. These people all look like scum!

  6. I think of Cumulus --- If assholes could fly, that place be an airport!

  7. Rancid company that has ruined numerous legacy stations around the country. They have no clue how to run any radio station. They have ruined KGO and KSFO among other stations. Terrible management, no strategy for success. Just bad people. Need I say more?

  8. Another face made for radio, 'squared'!
    Maybe he got out of the wrong side of the Futon.

  9. my god, these people are idiots. "good formatics"?