Thursday, September 15, 2016

Bay Area Media at a Crossroad

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1. What's the long term viability of KRON?

2. Is KGO Radio destined for yet another format change by the end of the year?

3. Is Ronn Owens done at the end of the election year?

4. Has a crisis reached epic proportions at KTVU and KPIX?

5. Has KQED lost its overall good-feeling reputation with Bay Area viewers and financial supporters?

6. What is the long-term viability of the SF Chronicle?
7. Is KTVU's vaunted "10 O'clock News" about to launch a makeover?

8. If KRON goes, what replaces it?

9. What is the future of FM Radio in SF?

10. Can SF journalism survive without a printed daily newspaper?


  1. 1. Spanish television
    2. No, same ole same ole. Even same ole same ole fill in hosts.
    3. I believe so, or early 2017.
    4. No, silly.
    5. It's liberal bullshit, who even watches?
    6. It's liberal bullshit, who even reads?
    7. No, it is fine as is.
    8. See #1 above.
    9. Same as it's been the past 15 years, corporate owned for the most part. Lost its local flavor.
    10. It's liberal bullshit, no loss.

  2. Christine, Son of MorgSeptember 15, 2016 at 2:26 PM

    Ronn is done NOW & someone's using his Studio Plaque as a coaster.

  3. I don't listen to afternoon Radio, but morning FM radio sucks. Who are these DJ's where did the come from, I think they are all out of towners. They have no distinct voices to hold the audience attention. I also think all the radio stations are programmed to go to commercial at the same time, when I scan radio stations all I get is commercials.
    I watch KPIX morning show while I'm getting ready, so I agree with your comments. Nothing sucks more than having to listen to the new traffic reporter stumble through the road names? I feel sorry for her, but she's hanging in there.

    1. If "hanging in there" means the kpix morning traffic joke is still showing up to work, then yes. Improving she is not! She's hopelessly out of her league.

    2. Actually shes not showing up to work, she took wednesday off to go to a rap concert in barely there clothes. Maybe use the extra time to learn where the gold gate bridge is?

  4. when will fleming finally take over games?

  5. You forgot one, KFRC. It needs to come KFRC. Not as KCBS under an assumed name, no foreign language programming, and definitely NO TALK SHOWS!!! There's too damned many of them on the air.

  6. I think they're smoking crack at KQED..None of the programming decisions make any sense..I don't think any managers at that goofy station actually watch it...I saw better public television in rural Carbondale, Illinois when I was there for college. I'd like to know if anyone is actually watching that poor excuse for a public television station. #craziness

  7. KQED should make public the salaries of their management team.

  8. To continue with the format started at 2:16pm.

    10. Yes. Newspapers are dead. Thankfully end of liberal trash.
    1. Yeah probably, a Spanish language format would not surprise.
    3. No. Cumulus will need to fire him.
    6. Not good. The Chronicle will not be able to meet the high health insurance costs of their employees.
    2. Let's hope KGO radio becomes a sports-talk station. Good dial location. An excellent opportunity for Fox Sports Radio.

  9. Ask and you shall receive

  10. Is KGO format going to change?

    Maybe they can change to something like:

    The Emperor Gene Nelson Show back in the day 1260 KYA, San Francisco when things were simpler...

  11. We noticed that Ronn Owens changed his vote (again) for the presidential election. His choice.
    From Gary Johnson to Hillary Clinton.
    This only proves this man's lack of conviction.
    And he wonders why people are so critical of him.
    The weakest talk show host in America.

    1. Don't they both have Parkinson's disease?

  12. I heard Ronn mock the way Ozzy Osbourne speaks. I guess Ronn will be ok if people start mocking the way he speaks.

  13. After the weird sexual- including gay sex- innuendo sports segment he did the other day,He's been a good boy that Gary Radnich. He read the sports,said goodbye.
    I mean,how much more can he humiliate the station?
    I guess Radnich can always go to KTVU and do weekends bending over for Mark so to speak.
    Phil Bronstein ruined the Chron and that whole era had no point. "We have too many talented people here"..go away! dead. As a doorknob. Deader even. You can learn more from Youtube then Public TV. I think Duane Kuiper is the program director.

  14. 1. Depends on Media General sells the station to
    2. Depends on how fed up Bay AM listeners are with Cumulus
    3. Yes, Parkinson's is clearly ravaging his once sharp mind
    4. KTVU Yes, PIX No; FOX micromanages, CBS is just fed up
    5. If we believe Rich, then yes; don't know loyalists' react
    6. Depends on SF citizens; industry bad, but readers?
    7. More like manipulation than makeover
    8. Not only Spanish TV, but Telemundo; NBC returns in Spanish
    9. Bleak; and the Cloud Clowns might be spreading to Giants*
    10.No, and they don't have to; they have the Examiner plus

    * = Cumulus' cumulation is showing its ugly head in how close the Tricky Dickeys are to Larry Baer. Lockstep Larry doesn't really want to change anything with Brian Sabean/Bobby Evans/Bruce Bochy's staff, even though Hensley Muelens is being tuned out as hitting coach, and the bullpen continues to give great pitching coach Dave Righetti headaches. Giants seem happy with muddling around at the 85-89 win total. Why is this related to Bay Media? Because the Giants control both KNBR and Comcast Sportsnet Bay Area content, and all three of them are more stagnant than ever; the G-Men have Cumulus Disease. Constructive criticism is needed more than ever, but the best Giants fans are suppressed from stating the strong evidence regarding the Giants' awful second half of their baseball season.
    And you wonder why Rich stays far away from AT&T Park? What a waste of both a great sports building, a sports cable station, and a large-watt terrestrial AM radio station!

    Finally, I do have one PIX rant - it's no secret that famed broadcaster/lawyer/media owner Harvey Levin owns both TMZ and the daytime series The People's Court, having inherited the latter from the late great creator Ralph Edwards. Unfortunately, it is clear in Levin's contract with West Coast CBS stations that these stations can't cut any People's Court broadcasts in half so they can air the CBS Evening News' East Coast feed live due to CBS' coverage of NFL Thursday Night Football. Reading lots of Rich's criticisms of PIX' newscasts, it sounds like our 415 Media man would stomach Scott Pelley's news reports easier than the local broadcasts. Obviously, PIX can't remove all of their afternoon news broadcasts, so why not allow the national news to air at 3:30? Especially with the highly competitive campaign season going on, not to mention natural disasters, and international headlines always there. PIX and the rest of the West should be allowed to air the Evening News live. A shame.

  15. 1. Spanish language TV, perhaps Univision swapping Channel 14 for it.
    2. KGO will be a foreign language/brokered time station in 2017.
    3. Ronn Owens will be forced out early in 2017 in conjunction with #2 above.
    4. KTVUs problems are fixable. KPIX is the weakest local news outside of KRON, its news seems always a day late IMO.
    5. I see KQED going dark within 5 years for several reasons:
    a. I feel that government funding for public TV will be eliminated.
    b. KQEDs audience is primarily 65+. Mainstream TV networks do not program for that audience. Their programming does not attract younger (and more monied) viewers. Also a lot of shows that once would have aired their are now instead going to cable &/or streaming (like many of their British Mystery series). No funds & no viewers=dark channel
    6. I just renewed the Chronicle for $40 for 6 mths (F, Sat, & Sun editions--delivered). A year ago, this was unheard of, so their subscriber base must be dwindling. Daily papers are also becoming extinct for the same reason as #5.
    7. The 10 O'Clock news may get minor tweaks, but that's it.
    8. See #1
    9. FM radio audience share is dwindling. Younger people are switching to streaming audio services. Older peoples choice of music is all but extinct. (I, who is over 50, and no longer in the desired demographic, now listens mostly to airchecks of radio stations from the 1960s and 1970s to get my musical tastes. Yes, I can hear Dr Don Rose again on 610 KFRC!)
    10. SF journalism may migrate to podcasts and blogs as that is how the younger folks get their news.

  16. My take...

    1> Probably merged into KGO. They are already in the same building.

    2> KGO will go lower, maybe more brokered programmes.

    3> Possible. He should just buy a RV and retire.

    4> Yep. Those stations mostly unwatchable.

    5> KQED needs to be split up. Seems they gotten too big for their britches.

    6> What Chronicle? I see them becoming part of BANG.

    7> I see that coming, more Foxification.

    8> Nothing or like others, Espanol.

    9> Dismal. It really reeks.

    10> Think the printed papers in the BA may merge into one, or maybe even gone.

  17. It's interesting with the Chronicle. When I lived in Fremont, they stopped delivering to the area where I lived. When I moved back to the Peninsula to take care of my dad before he died, I subscribed again no problem. The Peninsula has always been a strong subscriber base for them. When I moved back to Fremont, I asked if my subscription could move with me, and it did. I don't know what happened in the three years between being in Fremont and back, but I took it as a sign that they'll take subscribers now any way they can get 'em.

  18. It will become a Spanish language sports station! Or tell us which corners all the taco trucks are on!

  19. We don't have talent in the print news, radio, or tv. You can't go back to the "old" days without talent. Rich has been tearing apart the local wannabees.

  20. were getting randy..need more HH photos.

  21. 1. What's the long term viability of KRON?
    A: Zero. Believe the rumors. It will be sold in the spectrum auction.

    2. Is KGO Radio destined for yet another format change by the end of the year?
    A: No. New hosts, certainly. Apart from Armstrong and Getty. Rich, you're either being lied to or held out on when it comes to the numbers---especially in the demos. A&G are the only thing on KGO that IS improving over last year.

    3. Is Ronn Owens done at the end of the election year?
    A: The smart-ass in me wants to say Ronn was done at the end of the 2000 election, but yes...he'll actually be out the door very soon.

    4. Has a crisis reached epic proportions at KTVU and KPIX?
    A: At KTVU? No. That's just FOX O&O SOP. It won't change and they don't want it to. At KPIX? Absolutely. They're getting to the point where the suits at Black Rock have to be seriously considering whacking Bruno and Dan.

    5. Has KQED lost its overall good-feeling reputation with Bay Area viewers and financial supporters?
    A: Not yet. But it's slipping. 'QED is on the track to becoming just another PBS station.

    6. What is the long-term viability of the SF Chronicle?
    A: Zero. And unlike KRON, its owners won't be able to get a payday out of killing it.

    7. Is KTVU's vaunted "10 O'clock News" about to launch a makeover?
    A: Maybe. But you won't like whatever it is. It's FOX, Rich.

    8. If KRON goes, what replaces it?
    A: Nothing. The piece of spectrum gets sold. If you're asking what replaces it as the worst newscast in the market, KPIX. If you're asking where Bentley Boy and the Bolt-Ons will find work once it's gone...I have no idea about Gary but I kinda liked the guy this week who said she'll become a slutty yoga instructor in Marin.

    9. What is the future of FM Radio in SF?
    A: You're hearing it now. It sucks, but it doesn't cost much and it takes in multiples of what it spends. At least the successful ones.

    10. Can SF journalism survive without a printed daily newspaper?
    A: Yes, if something takes its place. So far, though, apart from an occasional glimmer from San Francisco Magazine online, nothing is stepping up to the challenge of real journalism.