Thursday, August 25, 2016

Stephanie Adrouny Gets Full-Time ND Gig at NBC Bay Area

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Stephanie Adrouny
 Stephanie Adrouny, according to a 415 Media source has been given the official notification as permanent  News Director at KNTV (NBC Bay Area) She replaces Jonathan Mitchell, who was booted out of the gig recently.

Adrouny was the odds-on favorite to get the permanent job; she's well-liked and respected and is also a favorite and disciple of NBC News bigwig, Kevin Keeshan.

Keeshan was a former ND at KGO-TV where Adrouny had a stint and was considered an up and comer.


  1. Stephanie's a winner. At KGO she was respected for her calm demeanor, her intelligence, her problem solving. Great appointment.

  2. She may be nice, but I bet by this time next year she is downing a box of wine each night.

    But good luck.

  3. Good thing she's hot. I see a trend in even behind the scenes news woman. Now,they better be as pretty as the anchorwoman.

  4. She looks like a tomboy. Of course, it could be that I'm too used to seeing TV women overdo their makeup. She seems at ease w/o making exaggerated faces, so that I do like. See? I said something nice after all.

  5. If you say she's accomplished and intelligent, I'll accept that.

    She's also cute as hell. Wow....