Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The New KGO-TV News Set is Late To The Game But Supposedly Will Knock Your Socks Off; Update

 KGO-TV (ABC7) is still presenting all its newscasts in makeshift abodes in and around its newsroom--Circle7 is set to debut an historic, state-of-art news set; something so incredibly elaborate that it's taking extra time to debut. 

The new set is still a secret, even among veteran KGO staffers, but supposedly will have a plethora of High-Def monitors, background computerized animation and a "SF-themed" wonder moniker I'm told will "knock your socks off." It is, after all, an ABC O and O--owned by Disney.

The new set was supposed to be ready in late July; I'm betting next Monday will be showtime.

Just a hunch.

UPDATE: I was optimistic about next Monday--in fact, the new set debut will not occur next week. A broadcast source at KGO:

 "It's at least a month out. I don't think there are problems just a lot more moving parts than they may have expected."


  1. Thanks for the update Rich. Their makeshift set has been driving me crazy.

  2. No exclusive "behind the scenes" tweets?
    Does the new set have a homeless man sleeping in the Weather center????

    Does the Sports area smell like piss?

    Is there a lovely pink throne for my Natasha?

    An extra large closet for Reggie?

  3. Have they hired Liz (the LA cookie) Cook?

    If so, may I return to KPIX?

  4. Ho hum, window dressing. How about investing in the product? Honestly, I never noticed the backdrop but I have noticed the lower quality of content. Maybe they could get reporters who KNOW their issues and can report with perspective and content. Instead of "if you have news, hit us up on Twitter". 7 is still better at reporting than 2 though (as he types through tear-filled eyes).

  5. What's happening here is that corporations like to spend money on window-dressing. They find it easier to under-pay people and overspend on technology because it looks "cool." I'm sure it will be very Disney-slick.

    My wife works for a bank. She tells me that the corporate executives are more concerned about the type of carpet and the color of paint that will be used when designing new branches. This, despite the fact that most people, particularly the millennials could give two fucks about bank branches. They are unlikely to ever set foot in a bank.

    1. Even with my dad's death last year and settling and closing his accounts, I have been in a bank exactly three times in the last 10-15 years. And once was to set up a checking account for my 18 year-old daughter a few years ago.

  6. I always liked the classic old sets, like from the 70s.

  7. *Yawn* ....Um, sorry, did somebody say something about a set?

  8. Hopefully KGO will debut its new set sometime next week, if ABC management is planning to debut then... and hopefully with a graphics refresh as well.

    KCBS finally debuted their new set this week. On the other side of the country, WBAL also debuted its new set. We're waiting for WTXF to debut its new set very soon.

    It'll be interesting to see what ABC could and might have planned for Raleigh, as well as what CBS can pull off for Chicago, and what Fox can do for its NYC, Chicago, Dallas, and Houston stations. Of the non-O&O stations... it'd be neat to see TEGNA invest in set makeovers at its DC, Cleveland, and Dallas stations... and Tribune planning new sets for its Chicago, LA, Cleveland, and New Orleans stations... and hopefully Hearst has new set plans for a couple more stations, including Sacramento, Birmingham, Kansas City, and Orlando stations. Just some thoughts.

  9. I wonder how it will compare to KRON's newest set? Or will KGO give their old set to KRON?

  10. They'll have a social media station and all these bells and whistles that that bitch Trixie and douchebag Billy Burton think will woo young viewers. But those fucking idiots will never realize that the young viewer will never come to local news.

  11. New sets are fun, if for no other reason that the lighting is often tweaked, and the anchors look a little different. KCBS' new set includes a first, as far as I know -- the station's social-media icons appearing on the anchor desk. It figured. KTLA has been touting a new studio for about a year, and evidently an entire building on the lot has to be redone amid much commercial development on part of the Tribune property.