Sunday, June 12, 2016

While The Orlando Mass Shooting that Took 50 Lives Was Covered, KTVU and 'KTVU Plus' Ran Infomercials; News Judgment Asleep at the Wheel; Imbeciles at Jack London Square

 KTVU and its Fox affiliation lauded (and continues to laud via many commercials) its secondary channel, KTVU Plus, as a supplemental outlet for Breaking News and major news stories.

Except for the worst mass shooting in US History.

After its initial coverage during the weekend "Mornings on Two", the main KTVU went to infomercials and stayed off its Fox News coverage. On KTVU Plus, infomercials played throughout even though all other Bay Area TV stations went with their respective network coverage; KPIX stayed with CBS; KGO-TV stayed with ABC News (a great moment for George Stephanopoulos) and KNTV with NBC News; as usual, KRON was selling patio furniture but keep in mind KRON isn't really a legitimate news station.

Yeah, it's not a local story. It's a BIG story, admittedly almost as big as 9/11 --at the very least, KTVU should have placed the network coverage on Plus but instead went with infomercials on a Sunday in June, 2016 --a date and terrorist attack that will forever be remembered as one of the worst tragedies in US history.

But KTVU and Plus opted instead for plastic surgeon doctors and cooking plates.

I would say it's a disgrace and a total lack of proper news judgment but then again, I'm not shocked anymore. The people who get paid quite a lot of big money to make these decisions are eternal Neanderthals forever asleep at the wheel.  

What complete imbeciles.

The next time KTVU tells you to "trust us", hit off an e-mail to the GM and News Director and ask them about Orlando, June 12, 2016.

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  1. news media in general, interviewing witness and having them describe killing like it's a sports game!!!!fire all radio news people on national radio news updates for trivuializing lives swith interviews with witnesses about killing then saying''this is daria albinger cbs (or whatever) news with that public service dismissive voice tone!!

  2. Christ almighty, Lieberman sounds more and more like Trump everyday. Just lashing out at others.

    1. Rich is doing a fantastic job in trying to make Bay Area News Great Again.

  3. NBC was doing essentially an MSNBC simulcast because there was nobody from NBC to cover. I guess Lester Holt was out of position (as was Brian Williams on MSNBC for a while there). Can't agree that this is anywhere near as big as 9/11. 9/11 killed a lot more people and changed the course of a nation (and an industry). However tragic today was it won't do any of those things. It will give Trump something to milk though. The terrorists must be loving that...they're working hard to get their man in office. Trump will be the best thing to happen for Islamic terrorism since Bush invaded Iraq.

  4. Someone has to hold media accountable for servicing the public. Like it or not, TV and radio stations with news departments or access to their network have a responsibility to serve the public. They fall way below standard now. Deregulation means radio stations don't have to fund news departments. Television stations don't need to carry news.

    While Mr. Lieberman is making sure we don't forget what isn't on radio and TV anymore, it's sadly beginning to sound like Obama's speech today on Orlando. Same old stuff. While it's all true, what can we do to change this? What's happens if a disaster hits the Bay Area? Do we turn on KRON4 and watch an infomercial for a penis extender? Or do we watch KICU for 30 minutes featuring Larry King talking to some blonde about something we think we need?

    The quality of television/radio news is at an all-time low, with the chance of seeing it go lower and lower. Can we do anything about it? Or are we stuck with what we've got?

    It's a sad day when you have to rely on your Facebook feed to get your news. Real sad. And what do tech geeks know about news?

  5. This is what happens when you have skeleton crews manned largely by a bunch of kids.

  6. From the Real World. When something of this importance happens, I automatically go to CNN or FOX. The thought of checking my local News stations never crossed my mind.

  7. But there is so much news, that is why they created KTVUPlus!!!

  8. Like 11:39 says, when news breaks people turn to the "best at the moment" sources and that means CNN, Fox or MSNBC. If something's happening in Orlando, why would I turn to my local station? The networks feeds are good, but people have gotten out of the habit of turning to them when something national happens. As for KTVU, if the Fox News feed was available and they didn't take it, that's a serious point. If it wasn't available, they may have had no option on a Sunday morning other than the infomercials. The world has changed.