Monday, June 20, 2016

That Warriors' Loss in Game 7 of the NBA Finals Was Not Sugarcoated by Lowell Cohn, Thank God

In the aftermath of a most depressing defeat, an epic, god-awful Warriors mother of all meltdowns, (sorry, losing is losing--no matter how much you want to spin it), thank God for Lowell Cohn.

There's a lot of people who don't like Cohn, but Sunday Night's Dubs stinker brings out the best in Lowell who fortunately doesn't sugarcoat things and writes beautiful things like this.

It's a welcome respite from the usual local apologists Rudy, for example, on Knibber.

Rudy, smarmy Rudy, was his usual decrepit self with giggles galore and 96000 excuses and sweet nothings.

All the more reason to read Cohn who nailed it.


  1. I remember that... what was it called... let me think... Ah, I have it! Sports writing!

  2. I did go to Lowell's Blog. Its been changed. He's now not exchanging with posters and I didn't see any of the old crowd.
    He's had the SRPressDemocrat,Kawakami his blog. I doubt he even reads the comments anymore.

  3. He is a good writer, but his sports knowledge if often lacking. His long-winded, tangential press conference questions are reminiscent of Barbieri.

  4. I should correct on how I said that. The SRPD probably forced the change on Lowell's blog. If he no longer moderates?..not the same home style blog it had been.
    And you know how family can make you so mad sometimes...

  5. When you had Cohn, Glenn Dickey and Ray Ratto writing daily columns for the Chronicle, it was a grump fest unlike any other. The only one to deliver any positivity (and the best writing) was Joan Ryan.

  6. Lowell Cohn has told me that he is still getting used to the new format. So,hopefully thought and cleverness and wit of his blog's posters will be up to the old days.
    Where did Neal go?

  7. I've been asked to prove "im not a robot" so many times that im begining to feel......well,robotic!!

  8. hey, he looks jewish.