Sunday, May 22, 2016

'Hey Look!"

 *"Radnich is pissed off at the janitor!"

*"Foodie Chap just scarfed down 12 free bean burritos!"

*"The Chronicle is reporting, uh, news!"

*"Jan Wahl's in a 3-piece bathing suit!"

*"Heather Holmes wore pants to work today!"

*"Ronnnnnnnnnnnnn forgot to get his nails done!"

*" Brian Copeland has a new one-man show!: 'San Lorenzo is the new Paris!'"

*"KRON is adding a news show at Midnite, 1 AM, 2 AM, 3 AM, 4 AM"! --("I like the 2!")

*"Allen Martin smiles!"

*"KTVU has added yet another station: "KTVU Plus, Plus You!" --There's only one three!

*"Reggie Aqui loves Stomper!"

*"Mark Ibanez is the new 'Bob Dylan!"

*"Gasia Mikaelian is the new Gasia Mikaelian!"


  1. Hey Look!! There's TWO human turds on Karel's driveway!!

  2. Ibanez looks quite fit for someone of his more "advanced" age.

  3. friggin juvenile. Why do we need to see every detail of her existence?? Is she serving someone or is this just one of the many,many "look at me" shots that we have to endure?? Why is this important?? Who is the target audience here. Real news from Dennis Erictus is sorely missed . Cory and Joel should be banished from the Queendom. Ronnn should get with Copeland and school him on the benefis of always being tired. And karel?? He should spend the night in an elevator with Ray T and stale pizza. Fun could be had by all....

  4. What is that mascot from? A mouse, aardvark or elephant?