Thursday, May 26, 2016

Everone's a Hockey Fan Now; Radnich KNBR Directive; Still Told Not To Mess With Shipp; KGO: Cumulus Amazon Center; Congrats, Randy Hahn; Bruno Can't Stand Raddy Too; Thursday 415 Media Nuggets

 SUDDENLY, EVERONE is a hockey fan.

*Randy Hahn, the San Jose Shark TV Play-by-Play broadcaster, I'm happy for you for finally getting the recognition you so deserve --about time. Only negative thing: no Drew Remenda.

*Gary Radnich: if all of it was just ha-ha funny, then why did you tell all the boys at KNBR that they were not to mention it in any way, or else...

*Oh, congratulations, Sharks.

*KRON: First time station personnel ever witnessed a "humble Gary"--that should last about a week until the Don Rickels act resurfaces.

*Again, Raddy was warned to not even think about referencing Brittney Ship, the weather goddess still sending her resume to LA stations --she's apparently already weary of the KRON mojo.

*KPIX in the Morning: more stale content than a week-old loaf of wonder bread at the Yuba City Walmart.

*Darya: ask Raddy about Jaguars. I dare ya.

*It's well know--he even says it on the air--that Gary Radnich does his morning TV gig with Darya from his bed. That's dedication. Given KRON's status it's a wonder he doesn't do it from the toilet.

*Then again...

*I assume at KGO-TV they're changing their set which is why all of you has inquired of me: "Hey, Rich, what's up with KGO anchors doing the news from dark places?" Survey said!

*Radnich is not out of the woods yet which allows him to say, for the 99th time, "my 'Buster-Brown' gig."

*Radnich: "I don't make it out to the ballpark much anymore because of my young kids."

O'Donnell has kids; so does Vern Glenn; so does just about everyone else, so there goes that shit.

*Raddy not long ago told KNBR's Larry Krueger, on-air, that he had more kids so he could feel younger. What a swell guy, that Raddy is.

*More painful than multiple toe fungus: the three amigos at KTVU named Keba, Mike and Ross. Oy!

*BREAKING NEWS! Roberta Gonzales just broke the World Record for her 6,676th KPIX camera mugging!

*SFGate: your great Bay Area Real Estate directory.

*Mike Mibach: "does my make-up look all right?" KTVU journalism at its best.

*And that new set upstairs showcasing the Oakland Estuary? Looks like you guys are in the sky elevator at the Cliff House, nice going, FOX2.

*Remember too that it was Radnich who threw Tony Bruno under the bus so he could kiss more ass at KNBR.  That's why Bruno never talks about Raddy anymore.

*Bruno is Italian, Gary, don't forget.

*Supposedly, KRON has instituted a gag order on its staff: "No talking about Radnich and Heenan. Period!"

Yeah, as if any media outlet is gonna call KRON --it took a fucking video from early May to get KRON any pub.

Put that on your fucking "Back Story!" --LOL.

The Peacon, host of KNBR's 'The Saloon'
*HEY!, just in time for "Take your redneck to work today!, KNBR presents, "Peacon at the ballpark!" 

*Dear Stan the Commenter: Love the blog, miss your mutterings --really, Stan, bury the ego hatchet and come back to 415 Media. You make me laugh and that's pretty hard to do.

*KGO Radio: Cumulus's SF radio warehouse. Or think of this analogy --the local Amazon radio distribution center where the morsels sit before being carted off to some zombies in the black hole.

*KNBR in the morning: very, very, very white --lots of white guys, the only thing missing are the sheets.

Hold it, that's KSFO's property.

*Hey, don't tell me that NBC Bay Area anchor chick is really looking forward to going to Rio for the Olympics. Yeah, Rio in early August..."hey, bartender, can I have a 'Zika martini!"

*If somehow the Warriors were to pull off a miracle, win three in a row, combined with the Sharks Stanley Cop Finals appearance, then, THIS JUST IN! Larry Baer threatened to make a statue of himself and place it outside KNBR.

*Hey, Happy Birthday, Aaron Pero: Here's your present, fairly symbolic, don't ya think?

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  1. I watched KPIX news this morning for some reason and heard Roberta mention a girls' night out with traffic reporter Liz Battalones from 20 years ago in San Jose at Shark Tank. Roberta mentioned Liz ordered nachos with extra cheese each time. I bet Liz appreciated that. If you notice in group shots with the morning crew, she's the only one looking at camera and not with her other crew members.

    1. I didn't see this since I stopped watching KPIX, but its obvious all the women there order extra cheese

  2. Hell, I wrote this post while sitting on the toilet, squeezing out a 10-pound Wahl. ASS!!!

    1. I'm not a prude, I swear at times, like a good dirty joke, and I'm female collection social security, but above post is disgusting and what point are you trying to make???

    2. I wish Stan would come back and this idiot who uses the word "ass" in all his posts would leave. He's not funny and I wish Rich would dump his posts.

  3. I have it on KRON, but then realize, I don't want to see Used Bentley Man. I change to KTVU...That The Nine (doesn't Nine mean 'No' in German?), crap, Sal holding up a neon green cell phone in front of his face, and Gasia putting her hands around her big mouth to shout a news tease...

    The news here is like watching some hideous talent (or lack thereof) show "So You Think You Can Anchor a News Desk".

    Pero looks like a Millennial...Darya is also a self-proclaimed Cougar.

    KTVU Tangent:
    Why did Gasia have big-ass hipster glasses on the other day?

    BREAKING NEWS! Dear Gasia, they DO NOT make you look smart, just like a hipster...or worse...a Hipster Wannabe! " YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!"

    Now Back to KRON:
    What happened to Avery? She's beautiful, smart, and probably found a decent gig elsewhere, I am guessing. I'm sure Used Bentley wishes he could giver her a ride. She's too smart for that.

    Okay, I'm long-winded, buy why the hell does Darya need to stand her haggy-ass self in frame with Robin?? I know Rich no longer cares for Robin after the whole Anny/Robin cat fight, but the stark contrast of young vs older, beautiful (at least on the surface...I don't know Robin, so I can't say), vs trying too hard, is harsh. I feel sorry (a little), for Darya. It looks pathetic, like she's desperate to keep youth and like no other woman can be in the frame by themselves.

    I like the new guy from KPIX though!

  4. Randy Hahn is one of the best in the business. Ditto Dan Rusanowsky, the radio voice of the Sharks. But Drew Remenda is sorely missed. Tolbert's had him on pretty much every day during the Conference finals.

    How many people are jumping on the Sharks bandwagon now? The morning fratards on KNBR ACTUALLY TALKED ABOUT HOCKEY!

  5. > Radnich: "I don't make it out to the ballpark much anymore because
    > of my young kids."

    I guess no other sportscasters have kids....

  6. Happy Birthday Pero - Give us all a gift and fire Gary and save KRON and the rest of us from his garbage.

  7. Sharks fan sense the Cow Palace days. I still wear my jersey that was bought there in 1991. Not everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. Some of us were there from the beginning....and still are.

    1. @11:36 Oh WOW! Would you like a cookie?

    2. Only if it is served in the Stanley Cup, 1:19.

  8. I'm waiting for KTVU's The 9 to have a body float by in the water in the background - after all it is Oakland...

    I've become so sick of KTVU I just stopped watching after many years of being a fan of their early AM news - I now watch KNTV who does a pretty good job of delivering the news and I appreciate their investigative reporting...

    Brittany is a class act - elegant, smart, and gorgeous!

    1. My God, what is it with the Brittany obsession? She's not Sandhya Patel.

  9. Why in the world did KNTV not lead with the Sharks at 11pm? Bash KTVU all you want, but at least they led with one of the biggest stories of the year. KNTV really took "if it bleeds it leads" to their detriment. The game had record ratings for its parent company.

    1. They didn't want to step on the sports dept they do at that station up north.

  10. Gary and Larry just had comedian and ex-Daily Show correspondent, Al Madrigal, on the show. He was pimping his Cobb's shows this weekend but had done pre-Super Bowl shows for the NFL owners during Super Bowl week. Gary said something and Madrigal told him to stay in his lane. Gary didn't laugh.

  11. I thought Bruno was gone after the Giants comments, the same as Krueger that one time. Two guys mocking latino Giants and both fired, funny.

    How did Gary throw him under a bus?

  12. I can't stand Gary Radnich! I've never watched KRON because of it. And yeah if it's all just haha why did they take down that video everywhere. I had to find it on an Australian site to show my husband. They cited copyright by KRON. what a joke

  13. Hey, Rich - Lettuce hope your bashing of Raddishit is over and you get back to important stuff like attractive weather babes, anchors, reporters and such...please.

  14. Sharks going to the Stanley Cup and no one gives a rats ass. Hockey blows just like soccer. Have a parade in downtown San Jose and maybe the 17k who see the games will show up. 500k people in Oakland for the Dubs last year, it was awesome.

    1. Well, after the "Dubs" get stomped again tonight they can come watch the Sharks' parade. They won't have anything better to do like play in the Finals or anything . . .

    2. Yawn, perhaps you should take out the garbage or something.

  15. Larry Baer is almost as hideous as his loud mouthed wife is annoying.

  16. Hey Rich - what was the deal with Radnich and Bruno? How did Gary throw him under the bus?

    1. From what I remember, it was Lee Hammer, or other Scumulous suits who directed the ouster of Bruno, as they felt the need to shake up Gary's show. This was 5 years ago during the fascinating attempt to pair Rad with Dam Bruce. I think Gary did not want to see Bruno go, but had no choice.

  17. 10:22, I agree with you. I don't get anything from that one poster but disgust.
    That said, it may just be a matter of time before Darya starts asking Radnich 'So, what are you wearing now?" during their am knoshes.