Saturday, April 23, 2016

KTVU Unease in the Newsroom; Breaking Point; Fear Factor In Place; John Madden Doubtful to Return Anytime Soon; Prince 'Experts' in the 415 Media; Saturday

 *Those in the know --the very people who sit and kvetch in the newsroom--insist that at some time sooner than later, a mother of all "breaking point" will hit KTVU. How that plays out nobody has any specific idea, but I'll go out on a limb: some of the senior staff will break out of their corporate muzzle and go directly to the GM, with SAG-AFTRA backing, not that it'll help but it ain't gonna hurt either.

*I can tell you, 100%, that the atmosphere inside KTVU is tantamount to a human pressure cooker. Why, for example, does management spies check for people on their cell phones; why do they eavesdrop on staffers using their computer? Why is there a constant hush/fear factor so prevalent in the newsroom? Maybe Frank Somerville can ask his Facebook followers  their opinion. Never mind.

*A source close to John Madden says it's doubtful that Madden will resume his phone calls to KCBS (and other clients) Madden has been recovering from heart surgery and complications from it and hasn't been on the air since November of last year. Madden, who turned 80 a few week, is hearing from family to "take it easy"--obviously, he doesn't need the money.  Good luck, coach.

*Wonderful, just what we all need: 10,000 continuous MOR 70's dreck from the "new" 98.1 FM--about as inspiring as a new hack on KFOG who thinks REM is still cool.

Huzzah to all you Seals and Croft fans.

*I was astounded to learn of all the local media Prince experts this week. You would have thunk they hung out at all his concerts. As bad as the local muttons were, they didn't come close to the idiocy or CNN head tonsil, Wolf Blitzer, who confused Prince's Purple Rain for Jimi Hendrix. (Purple haze)

"BREAKING NEWS": Wolf fucked up!

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  1. As usual, good post - I'm still laughing.

  2. What your source "close to John Madden" didn't tell you is that he's worse off than people think.

  3. Prince's Ass?? ASS!!!!

  4. Wishing John Madden well, may he be back to his old self a.s.a.p. Oakland Raiders fan sense 1968. As for the Wolf...what can one say other then he probably thinks Morgan Freeman and Samuel L Jackson are one and the same.....

  5. 98.1 FM .... SUCKS !

    At first you hear "one" forgotten hit of the past.
    Then it gets worse as the "soft & mushy" shit takes place.
    Horrible selection of elevator music.

    Go online for music now. Including Legendary DJ "Scott Shannon"
    true oldies channel. -or-

  6. I don't care if they do play Lionel Ritchie 98.1 is the whitest of white folks' music. Based on the promos I've seen it's teeth achingly boring.

  7. I was definitely entertained by the ridiculous CNN coverage of the 'purple one' when the news broke. They repeated the same information continuously every 10 minutes for an hour and a half, didn't break for a commercial once (wonder if their competitors at Fox did?), got Larry King to phone in and discuss his interview w/Prince in 1999 and finally found some staffers in their Atlanta bureau who had attended his final concert 2 weeks prior. It's amazing that for a worldwide-known performer for 35+ years; they truly didn't know any personal facts about him...nor did anybody!

    1. Whatchoo talking about Willis. I watched CNN most of the afternoon & evening and thought the coverage was pretty good. Turns out Van Jones was a close friend and he gave emotional and insightful commentary multiple times. They interviewed music critics, Stevie Wonder and the Larry King interview was surprisingly candid. They did talk to others who knew him and who spoke at length about his philanthropic work. I normally don't care to hear pundit opinion but itbturns out a lot of them werevfans. Wolf Blitzer is always an idiot, no surprise there. He didn't know Purple Haze from Purple Rain. The coverage was pretty good as long as he wasn't talking.

  8. When did REM become uncool?

  9. I hope that angry mob at KTVU takes a petition to the GM.

    They got computers...
    Their tapping phone lines...
    I know that that ain't allowed...


  11. Seals & Crofts were once introduced at a concert as Arts & Crafts.

  12. " It was an insult to Jimi Hendrix"

  13. Re: KTVU. Company's computer/company cell phone: company's rules. Its been that way forever more. If you use the company's equipment they have the right to monitor its use. Want to do stupid shit and don't want to be caught then don't use the company's equipment. (Are you listening SFPD?) This isn't rocket science. If you're afraid that conversations will be overheard and cause embarrassment then don't do those conversations on the premises. And no, I'm not a company shill. I've belonged to an employee bargaining unit every day of my working life (you can call it a union but unions aren't allowed in state govt). If the company is monitoring your actions when you're not working and not on their premises then they'll pay. But for crying out loud, don't do stupid shit at work and then bitch about it.

  14. Hey, I'm related to Wolf Blitzer. Weren't Seals and Croft the ones who did Summertime Blues?

  15. What people didn't get was that Blitzer was insulting Prince in a very sophisticated way, i.e., "they all look alike to me" which is now considered "racist."