Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Bay Area Media Posers Still Heavy-Duty on the BS Meter; I Won't Back Down; Sorry to Ruin Your Day; Thumbs Down from 415 Media

 YES, I'M ONE CYNICAL SOB; Contrarians? Tell me why I should be optimistic.

It's easy to be cynical here because I've never witnessed a time when our so-called media "professionals" and their criminal, misbegotten big suits were so much full of crap and evil.

The smiling fakes; you self-centered, ego-inflated POSERS; be advised you're lucky to have a gig; frauds that you are; pirate talkers, loose lips sink ships.

All of you would be divine in Ell-Lay, the Walmart of Posers, headquarters of rank amateur central.

Let me be abundantly clear: THIS site, as long as I'm here, will never sugarcoat --I'll tell it like it is ...and the way things look and sound, would you believe me if I said anything to the contrary? Seriously now, what a time we live in here; the whole land of tolerance my ass; what a pathetic bunch of groupies --hey, KTVU? I feel for you, the rank and file; the people, the photographers, for instance, behind the scenes, abused and working in fear and intimidation by a bunch of assholes at FOX.

Too bad you have no leaders at the top of the list; they're too busy playing out sanctimony on Facebook. As if we are to believe them. Fools, they are. They are really cowards; they hide behind their veneer as if they were modern-day saints. By the way, Frank Somerville? Give me a break, Frank. Quit all the bullshit. I'll call you out because I know sincerity and BS. Why? Because I practiced the art of bullshit and you don't fool me. Right, Frank? Moving forward.

I will let you know ---ALL of YOU, that there is no way I'm going to soften up or back down; not today, nor tomorrow, not as long as I live; You don't IMPRESS me. You never will. Never.

Rejection? Damn straight.

Now go back to your BS chamber.


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  1. Amen, Rich. This applies 100% to a certain Lowenstein ass kisser/weekday 2-4pm KGO host.

  2. Nothing lasts forever! With the numbers of viewers declining, and will probably continue to decline, I think the time has come to completely eliminated some of the News stations. We get the News on channels 2,3,4,5 and 7, and at least 80% of their news content is exactly the same, maybe even higher than 80%.

    Use an independent organization, non-biased, to figure out which two stations have the lowest amount of viewers and then eliminate those stations.

    1. The worst thing about local TV news, and this is no new revelation, is their content is almost entirely still generated by the Chronicle, Mercury, and other newspaper syndicates.

    2. > their content is almost entirely still generated by
      > the Chronicle, Mercury...

      It's cheap.

  3. Yes!!! Stick it to those crazy Libs Rich!!!

    South Bay Hindus for Hillary!!