Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A Letter To My Readers; 415 Media Needs Your Help

 415 MEDIA has grown leaps and bounds; what was once a "hobby" is now a full-time job; that's right, no more charity work, it's business time.

REALITY CHECK, to be more precise.

I have more readers than ever which is great because I know the audience has expanded and many thousands come here daily, even the goof balls, to read this media site, and thanks and welcome to the party.

BUT NOW, I ask you for a favor. A huge, but not overwhelming endeavor: I ask that YOU become a PAID subscriber to 415 MEDIA; it's fairly cheap: $25 for the year, that's a little more than 2 bucks a month, or about $200 less than your cable bill. Even if you can't subscribe (please) you can make a one-time donation.


This takes TIME and MONEY. I have to pay my bills too. My limited advertising money from Google doesn't cut it, for now. So I have to rely upon subscriptions and donations from YOU, my loyal readers to be able to sustain this site and keep it up to pace. I DO ALL THE WORK HERE; I write the copy; I do the heavy-lifting advertising pitches; I make the phone calls and I produce the site; sure, I know it's not all 24/7 nirvana but it's truly LIVE and LOCAL, and where YOU ALL come to see and read the NEWS you will NEVER get anywhere else. NEVER.

$25 a year, 2 BUCKS a month essentially. I know the Internet is FREE but I can't survive without your help. My loyal trolls will lampoon me all day and night for "begging for money." Go for it, if that's your mojo because at this point, I really don't care. Fact is, I need your help to keep 415 MEDIA going; so if that's begging, so be it. Because in that sense, KQED begs for money every day; ok, so you can watch Masterpiece Theatre, I don't have that but I do occasionally break stories and write edgy prose that you will never see anywhere else. For better or worse.

I don't do THIS every day, YOU know that. So I don't think I'm wrecking your day for this rare plea for $$ I really need. Those of you that already SUBSCRIBE, I thank you all for your contribution(s); you all are not required to re-subscribe, obviously.

Those of you who come here regularly --and there are THOUSANDS of YOU, over 30,000 users and over 10,000 "unique visitors", I ask you to SUBSCRIBE--GO to the PAYPAL ICON on the RIGHT side of the blog and click --ALL SUBSCRIPTIONS are completely CONFIDENTIAL and you do not have to be a PAYPAL member to SUBSCRIBE and/or make a DONATION.

AGAIN, without your HELP, we can't move on--I CAN'T move on. That's not a threat, it's for real. If just a small portion of you all CONTRIBUTE, then we're home free and I can breathe a little.

And you'll help sustain and keep 415 MEDIA its INDEPENDENT BEST.

And every subscription and/or contribution, I will personally CALL YOU and thank you for your SUPPORT!

Thank you all in advance.

Rich Lieberman
415 Media


  1. Hi, Rich....sounds only fair and reasonable since you provide all of us with daily raw and unadult-rated entertainment without having any strippers gyrating on our laps.

  2. You have my money and my support, Rich!! Anything for what you do for us!! And as for certain people who aren't genuine, ASS!!!!

  3. Got you on the autopay $5.99 monthly, and I find it's the easiest way to support this site. No monthly hassles, comes right out of Paypal. I highly recommend it for folks who get too busy to attend to finances.

    1. Amen, Julie, Amen!! Support Rich Lieberman, Great Blogger & Media Expert, with money & love!!

  4. I like this blog, and read it everyday, I'm mostly interested in talk radio, but understand Rich have to cover TV and Sports (which I couldn't care less about) since he is appealing to a diversified group. I have often considering contributing to this site, since I think it is worth it. A couple of things have kept me from doing it, first of all I live on social security and income from a retail job, and I have had some debt I needed to pay off. The other issue I have is that I often respond to whatever Rich is blogging about, and to other bloggers as well, however I have noticed that often, not all the time, I defend Ronn Owens, no matter how tepid, my comments do not get posted, and I'm not a huge Ronn fan, just trying to be fair, same whenever I critic Michael Savage often my comments don't make it to see the light of day, although that is less often. So if I'm to contribute to this blog, it would be nice if most of my comments get posted, since I don't use foul language, I try to me fair and stay on point.

    1. Same here. This site flogs women's appearance something awful especially in the comments but my comments about male on-air talent that have undergone plastic surgery or comments on how they dress never see the light of day. Rich keeps saying that TV is a vusual medium but apparently only as it relates to females because men are beyond critique.