Thursday, February 25, 2016

Sexy Sacramento CBS Reporter Has Quiet Dinner With Married SF TV News Exec; John Kessler And Sydney Kohara Would Make Great KPIX Morning Anchors But...; Three Dopey News Directors; CNN About To Make Offer To KTVU's Paulson; I Like Liz Cook; Raddy And Brittney Shipp Steam Machine; Thursday 415 Media Deli

 A very prominent female reporter from the CBS Sacramento TV station scheduled an evening dinner with a certain married male executive from a local station in town. They had quite a lovey-dovey at Tadich Grill and I'm not at all convinced it was the filet of sole they both shared that was the instigator --YEAH BABY!

*Of course it would have been heresy had KPIX hired back John Kessler and Sydney Kohara, I mean the gall, the nerve, the lunacy! Yeah, I know--the ratings would be off the chart and a total publicity bonanza for the pixies but just like Dana King, CBS-SF has no creativity. They just hire retreads from Hawaii and think wonder bread is a culinary treat. Just keep the mediocrity, it does you wonders, don't it?

*Lovely market: a certified diva news director who plays favorites and is out of control and despised at KGO-TV; a bully, boor and jackass at KRON who must have pictures; an arrogant, smarmy, schmuck at PIX who thinks that drinking with the sports guy is good for morale; a rank amateur at KTVU who has a divided newsroom full of people who talk like a pirate and whose lead anchor has become Mother Teresa on Facebook.

*KGO Radio's Chip Franklin is selling toilet paper today--along with financial business, loans, pillows, artichoke dip, solar power windows, nuts, men's and women's underwear, car tips, peanut butter, cherries, dog food, umbrellas, Mexican food, beige wallpaper, Walgreen watches, tomato paste, Marin credit unions...and THIS IS JUST IN THE FIRST HOUR.

*I hope for Chip's sake that he doesn't dare hawk used Mercedes --mattress man Ronnnnnnnnnnnnnnn would kick him square in the nuts.

*I actually think Elizabeth Cook is a capable newsreader --and that's the only thing that matters. Of course now that I mention that, Cook will probably get 86ed and destined for Houston. Wait a minute, dad will have nothing of that.

*Any day now CNN execs will sit down with KTVU's weatherman minion, Steve Paulson --ostensibly to offer him green acres in Atlanta. But Steve loves his gig in Oakland. Translation: CNN will have to offer Wolf Blitzer coin for any consideration.

*I see the morning yahoos at KGO-TV were doing a dance routine on the air to a Prince is coming to Oakland news alert. These bozos sure know how to piss off 98% of the newsroom.

*Eric Thomas: you can laugh and smile every now and then.

*Jana Katsuyama: cute and perky and chock full of self-promotion --well, at least she doesn't talk like a pirate.

*"The Four on Two" in one word: sucks.

*I couldn't make the Santa Clara County court appearance involving the domestic violence charge against Brent Cannon and his estranged wife, Laura Garcia-Cannon on Monday but I'll keep you informed of any significant developments since apparently it is only me who is covering it.

*Yes, you get all the INSIDE info here at 415 Media --nobody breaks news like el Ricardo.

*Props for Eastbay Express which broke the Oakland Police scandal involving an alleged home invasion by four of its officers.

*The faux look of concern by anchors in this town now that February has been largely rainless. Back to the shaking-the-head and going to weatherman with thoughts that are about as genuine and sincere as a Concord IHOP.

*The natives at KGO-TV are none-too-thrilled that Trixie has no use for Black talent. (There's only three on-air Black anchors and not one reporter. Maybe it's appropriate that the Oscars are on KGO this Sunday.

*God forbid the world comes to an end Sunday night and there's mass calamity; Ronnnnnnnnnn will still be "trashing the Oscars" and talking about his gadgets.

*Hey Ronnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, by the way, when you had that lunch with Jack Swanson a few months back, word has it that Jack told you "everyone reads him (me)" --including Ronnnnn, last seen getting his 6756th manicure on Union Street. One thing, Mr. Lowenstein, you had the audacity not to invite Copie?

*Copie was so pissed he had to call off his two-man show starring Byron Allen.

*The Radnich-Brittney Shipp rumors is picking up steam. That's why she ducks out right away from 900 Front. Even free rides in the Bentley have been TDed.

*Michael Krasny of KQED Radio "Forum" will be interviewing Dr. Horace MjJohnson about why men who listen to public radio tend to have enlarged prostates.

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  1. The Four is Number 2

    Alicia will have Ms Shipp out of town by the summer

    KGO morning got what they wanted. Social media divas who no body will watch

    Liz Cook -- just dumb as rocks but probably the safest anchor in the market due to Daddy.

    1. Can't get rid of Brittney. She has already been inducted into the "Bay Area Hot Newsbabes Club." It's called "visual sexual harassment" and I'm not complaining, I'm going to buy a larger TV!!

  2. The Steve Paulson/CNN thing makes no sense. CNN only hires young talent...preferably female. Paulson is neither. And with Chad Meyers well entrenched there and Jennifer Gray as the other dayside meteorologist, CNN domestic doesn't need another. They hardly touch weather as it is.

    Now maybe CNN International may be the destination. That would be a different gig altogether, though they too have plenty of weather people.

    Story doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

  3. Lowenstein doesn't know what to do if you're mentioned, Rich; he considers himself to be on an untouchable plateau where only the best shekelmeisters reside.

  4. Have always liked Elizabeth Cook. She brings that all important "visual pleasure" to the Newscast. Beautiful woman! Easily qualifies for the "Bay Area Hot Newsbabes Club." She looked "exceptionally fine" last night!!

  5. I'm glad Paulson is going somewhere.. CNN? Good reason not to get cable.

    You want the world's worst Ihop it is on Lombard, check out their yelp ratings. They are so bad the Burger King on Market near the Main Library which the city shut down is award winning in comparison...

    I tried watching Good Day Sacramento on Ch 44 when nothing was on. If this is the CBS affiliate there one thing I can say is if you think SF News Stinks try watching the Sacto bunch at a muffler shop in Sun City Lincoln Hills for a snorer. Inside scoop if you got bux and want to skip the bay area go to Sun City Lincoln Hills. Supposedly their residents are the top 3% wage earners who retired in the state according to a friend. I think Ronnnnnnnnnnnnn might fit in there they have a dementia club I was going to join But I forget when it meets...

  6. Bet Darya's the rumor instagator. Can see her being jealous of Brittney and her natural 'assets' and real talent.

    Besides, why would she come to this market only to fool around with Radnich and his used Bentley within her first few weeks? Makes no sense.

    Just because HE may be smitten with her, does not at all mean it's mutual. Unless she's got a penchant for middle-aged, white, not-as-in-shape-as-he-used-to-be married white guys, I call B.S. on the affair, tryst, poor judgment etc.

  7. Eric Thomas has nothing to smile about. After his anchor duties, he goes out on the streets and shoots video. Doesn't host video segments. He actually has to operate a camera. Oh well. At least he has a job.

  8. No no no Rich. You have it all wrong. Ronn (with two Ns) will devote his Monday morning program not just to the Oscars, but also to Super Bowl commercials. And . . . . his favorite topic, the latest reality show. Just being Ronn.

  9. That Gary Radnich. A real ladies man.

    1. Gray's a prick. Tired of him bring the ball and chain every Friday . Who does that? Leave her home.

  10. @11:23
    Nicely put. And yes, it's clear why fake chicks would be jealous of someone like Brittney, but not buying the contrived rumors, either. As Rich first indicated a while ago, Brittney has a lot going for herself and wants no part of the KRON shenanigans, which she made clear from Day One.

  11. Cook seems to be getting better with her delivery, but she did have a flashback the other night. She was trying to say "...a man matching his description was spotted in Sebastopol." What came out was "...a man watching his description was spotted in Liverpool," followed by some flustered stammering. It was on the late newscast, so perhaps the lady was in need of some sleep.

    1. True 'dat, 2:39, she is getting better. But she's still only an aspiring actress.

      As long as Disney-daddy can keep her in an anchor's seat who are we to say she's a talentless bumbler?

      (I think Rich is a thick-thigh kind of guy.)

  12. Rich -- well said. And also kind of related to Anonymous 11:18's thought: it is sadly true, small-market newscasts can sometimes be tough to watch (I'm in the Salinas-Monterey market, and I'm in the Palm Springs area now and then). Not to be harsh, not really, but the obvious talent doesn't stay in those cities long. The good ones make it look easy, and the others just seem to be trying too hard. Of course there is the factor of budgets, and people brought in from smaller towns will be cheaper.

  13. Wonder if that unnamed TV exec, wooing the Sac-town talent is none other than KGO-TV's William "call me Bill" Burton. He does like em young...and pretty.

  14. Gee, that Radnich sure knows how to mess around.
    He knows the steps.

  15. Yo Lieberman! You got game fool. This shit is top notch. Tell it like it is. Prolly 98% of the local media be pissed at you, but it's only because it's true. It's funny to see the big fat white man liking that brown sugar. Wonder how the wife feels. And for the TV and radio talent who get pissed with shit like this, remember you're part of the public domain -- like it or not. If you want to be in obscurity, behave yourself or go get a job polishing some tech magnate's automobile. Until then, shut it.

  16. Shipp needs to hit the gym.

  17. The alleged sales pitch by CNN to Steve Paulson makes no sense. Your "sources" are jerking your chain. Jana Katsuyama is a self promoter? She is definitely cute and besides not talking like a pirate, a self promoter she is not. Your observations are so stupid and off base. Find another line of work.