Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Inanity at KTVU/Fox2; Station Leads with Super Bowl Fluff on Noon News; Buries CHP Officer Stabbing for Lame Non-Story; News Dick Head of the Day


How about king of the local fucked-up award for supreme idiocy and stOOPID? KTVU gets the award, a clear winner out of the clubhouse.
The big story on Tuesday here; a tragic, disturbing, crazy story involved the CHP officer who was stabbed at the SF end of the Bay Bridge. Yet, FOXified KTVU led its Noon Newscast with a fluffy story (aren't they all?) about Super Bowl activities! I'm not making this up.
Maybe KTVU wants to show off its splashy news set on the Embarcadero in all the Super Bowl City hubbub --OK, fine, but what dodo made the call to LEAD the noon newscast on Tuesday with a story that was clearly the MAJOR story of the morning? Whoever made that call should BE FIRED immediately.

From a 415 Media source at 2 Jack London Square that was at the scene of the gobbled mess:

"The Big J Journalists are disgusted with Fox management over leading with Superbowl fluff stories at noon today (Tuesday) and then to follow with CHP officer stabbed in SF;  Fox is not a good source for news." (Duh!)
Indeed it's all strictly entertainment at 2 with producers and writers ashamed of the brand and product and the viewers should be alarmed if they aren't already.
But at KTVU/(Fox2), producers are afraid of management and when they do as they're told and the heat from higher level of management questions the call?  Shit rolls down hill.
From the source: Inanity rules the day.
"The viewers rang the phones off the hook (Tuesday) at noon,
basically saying WTF is up with Fox 2?! Bye, bye they're tuning into KRON 4. Look at the ratings!

For crying out loud, the Superbowl is on the other channel. Have you seen Julie Haener and Frank in those promos? Game face on with black out under the eyes?
Puppets for a football game that is not even on KTVU FOX 2. Journalists should not be made to be some kind of dysfunctional personality."
Not the case at silly Fox2.

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  1. KTVU News: Oral Diahrrea Au Jeu.

  2. Game face on with black out under the eyes? Yeah! what's up with that. You think they would try pulling that with Dennis Richmond. KTVU news, no class! At least KRON doesn't fake to get noticed.

  3. Sad to see it happen. Hard to believe I now turn to KRON for hard news! :-)

  4. Disgusting! I've given up. Can't take any more of Gasia's over enthusiasm! It's as if she's not sure when it's appropriate to smile...and when she does, it's WAY OVER THE TOP!

    That "The Nine" BS makes me want to throw something at the TV! It reminds me of the Bay Area radio stations (haven't listened in awhile, not sure if they're still doing it?), "Traffic and weather on the elevens!"- to mean eleven minutes after every hour. WHO DREAMS UP THIS CRAP?! Annoying as hell.

    While we're at it, why does FAUX2 squeeze three "anchors" on that little desk? It looks asinine!

    Someone, please switch Gasia to DECAF!

    The fact that people are switching to...KRON should be a wake-up call for FAUX2.

    Dennis Richmond and Elaine Corral (sp) would be appalled.

    I wonder is Steve is starting to consider going to KGO now?

    What happened to what was once a strong,respected news source? FAUX killed it.

    It looks like they are catering to certain people who spend all day taking selfies, posting every detail on Facebook, and who only choose wardrobe because celebrities tell them it's "tending".

    It's as if MO2, THE (*CRINGE*) 9, and 2@Noon is one horribly long episode of SNL.


  5. Superbowl is a bigger story, and FOX is also in bed with the NFL.

    The CHP story can wait until the 'B' block.

  6. Are you fucking kidding me Rich? I saw the exact same thing on 5 last night so it's not always FOX's them out.

  7. I've noticed this too...

    A problem I've had with KTVU is they take the wrong side of many issues and slant what news they present. Considering their efforts of late I'm surprised they didn't make a saint out of the thug who slit the CHP officer's windpipe. They seem headed in that direction.

    I recall a hearts and flowers story about an out of control gal who abused her kids and did felony time for it. KTVU highlighted this as a mom wants her kids back story. What? The gal did jail time for beating them up, gets out and has a drug and alcohol problem is in a half way house and wants her kids back - No Feaking Way but KTVU is on her side.

    This was awhile back but for me marked the start of the nonsense.

    One good point about all of this super bawl coverage is it has muted my interest in professional football period.

    I see Frank is writing pieces for SF Gate which seems pertinent as they went to hell a long time ago too.

  8. At least we get a little reprieve from the SuperBowl hype with KRON. Sure KRON does their SuperBowl stories but so far I haven't seen them set up shop as a SuperBowl pretender in the Embarcadero area for their newscasts (like their KGO SuperBowl pretender buddies down the hall).

  9. If Fox keeps up the Ktvu decline they're likely to have stronger competition at 10pm. Sounds like Fox is trying to turn Ktvu into an old UHF tv news operation.

  10. This is the reason I no longer watch Channel 2.

  11. Rich, please keep up your coverage of the ongoing demise and lack of quality of KTVU local news programming.

  12. Everyone here doesn't realize HALF the stations led with Super Bowl bullshit last night and didn't get around to the CHP officer until later on in the newscast. Ridiculous. Not just KTVU as much as you all want to FOX bash in the liberal Bay Area.

  13. Thank God that, "There's only one 2."

  14. Is there anyone home at ktvu? I knew it was the beginning of the end when Richmond and Griffith left. Never really cared much for Tori Campbell, but she looks like a genius now for getting out of there. And Gasia. Poor Gasia. She was really good at first. She didn't just "sip" the Kool-Aid. It's clear now that she used a beer-bong instead. Sad.

    As for the current "talent." Well, let's just say it's unlikely to get any better. I have essentially "tune-out" after being a regular viewer for 35 years. I will say that I occasionally tune-in to see Dave Clark - THE whitest black man on local TV. The name! The elocution! He's so "whitebread" he could front a British pop band...oh wait - already been done. Love to know this guy's story. Perhaps he's a nice guy, but he comes off as the most obsequious dude on the planet.

  15. Why hasn't the sanctimonious Frank Sommerville led a rebellion against the stupification of KTVU? Surely he should know the worth of the brand. More than anyone at KTVU he (and Ibanez) should stand up for the ktvu legacy which is being drained down the toilet as we speak. The crap they're putting on air is worthy of a Salinas tv station....not KTVU

  16. It could be worse, much worse. Elizabeth Cook with shoulder pads and eye-black. KPIX is carrying on with admirable restraint, so far, it seems, with only the corner bug rendered in gold the most obvious concession.

  17. Sad the way the local news seemed to be competing with the internet for attention, so they began reporting on it like all that "trending" stuff is actually news. And, KTVU was getting especially bad about including TMZ/Hollywood stuff in the broadcast. Northern California traditionally is abhorrent of all things Southern California and it's shallow, superfluous idiocracy. Let's keep it that way. I put this all in the past tense since I don't have cable any longer. It all got so mindless ... even the news ... I just couldn't stand to watch it.

  18. The only station that is worth watching now is NBC Bay Area, KNTV for news.

  19. Surely the only news you need is coming from KGO AM Radio: Both of their field reporters can see SB City from the window down the hall, and one of them even went out there with a cassette recorder, but the batteries went dead. It's OK though; they filled the space with an extended traffic report out of Dallas that was only 15 or 20 minutes out of date, and then cut to the paid vitamin ad program early, so it all worked out.