Monday, January 11, 2016

Word on Street: Talk of Strike at KTVU/Fox2 During Super Bowl Week

 A major management/labor disconnect at KTVU --Fox wants to go the way of MMJ (Multi-Media journalist) has sparked talk of a strike at 2 Jack London Square. And strike talk amidst one of the busiest news and sports time locally in years: a walk-out, sick-out during Super Bowl week for coverage at KTVU on ALL levels of the unions.

SAG-AFTRA began negotiations with FOX last week. Word is that both sides are heavily "dug in" --meaning, short of a quick, face-saving compromise,  the possibility of a work stoppage is very real.

Then again, both sides have much to lose in this endeavor should it all come to that. While the unions have all the leverage; more so than management, it is Fox that has all the deepest pockets.

Me thinks a settlement looms but so far both sides are talking tough.

We'll wait and see.


  1. Kill'em all, you know, just shut the whole operation down, let God sort it out — Ch 2 would not be missed IMHO.

  2. no way a strike will happen... staff wouldn't do fox would just air charlie Le-Douche stories...

  3. Not to sound vindictive, but it would be a delicious irony if KTVU News went on strike during Super Bowl Week. Stick it to the man!! I'll leave a steaming 10-pound present at their front doorstep to show my gratitude. Yeah, show 'em some ASS!!!

  4. How would anyone around here miss KTVU during Super Bowl week? None of the local teams are playing and another network has all the access.

  5. Too bad this isn't happening at CBS5. One more SB 50 promo with a CBS star holding a football will send me over the edge. Tell management to shove it up their collective asses Fox2 people.

  6. Not sure how the unions have all the leverage here. No one beats Fox when it comes to douchebaggery.