Monday, January 18, 2016

Weather or Not You Care; KTVU Pushes 'Weather Authority'; Monday Open

 You want to know why you see so, so, so, many weather teases and weather reports on KTVU's "10 O'clock News?" So much, to the point of insulting viewers with useless plugs and repeated teases? Because management is pushing it. You can't have a "Weather Authority" without talking about weather and damn if FOX doesn't want to push weather because it's right there, cheap and inexpensive programming

Moreover, Fox thinks you're stupid. They don't have respect for the viewer. How can they have respect for the viewer when they don't even respect their news people in Oakland?

So, with El Nino apparently affecting the weather and providing temporary relief for the state, now they have an excuse for their hundred weather reports an hour. (Or so it seems) But when news managers artificially push stories (even when there's no story) there's a problem. A rainmaker, if you will.

The "Weather Authority" gimmick is just that, a gimmick. Its fake passion has no pulse. Its cheerleader, Bill Martin, and other assorted weather chirpers, should know better.

I have it on Authority.

*More weather: Notice how conveniently weather anchors here always seem to say, lately, "...the rain will pour right before the morning/evening commute?" I'm sure it's just a coincidence that's right near morning show time.

*Younger people aren't just dumping newspapers, they're 86ing TV and getting news from the Internet ...hence, local TV News acting ever more STOOPID.

*KPIX could show some ingenuity --they could film one of their pregnant anchors during labor and induce a live shot of birth. I was kidding but I wouldn't rule it out. It beats most of their other content.


  1. How about some ASS AUTHORITY!!! Yeah!!!

    1. Yup, ... "Ass Authority on the 9"
      Gasia laughing in her chair .....<>
      1/2 hour newscast only has 3 news stories The ass authority.
      Weather reports are mostly filler & fluff.....
      No state temperatures & forecasts, nothing national.
      THEN comes the stupid back & forth questions by the anchors....
      "Bill ...looks like I need to use my umbrella today"
      Shuuuuut up beootch ....... hahaha
      ........of no value but "time wasters"

  2. Two clarifications that I need to let go of:
    - Frank Mallicoat actually did a PIX report on two reporters post-birth at their hospital beds - one still there (Mallicoat's co-anchor Michelle Griego), one who left (Elizabeth Wenger). Nobody else is carrying a child right now. (So many high-quality CBS shows, watching them carries over to watching PIX newscasts.) No big, but there it is.
    - The Lieberman weather rants are getting old. People need constant weather information for both home and road safety. No matter how Rich feels, he is clearly in a very small minority. Even pre-El Nino, there have been way too many stories about nature-caused home damage and tons of traffic accidents, many of which were unpreventable due to weather. Like it or not, more people want more weather info, especially those who don't have online access (believe it or not, even in the Silicon Valley, there are some). Because it saves time, money, even lives. So get over it!
    Other than that, I still like that the 415 Blog provides impressive behind-the-scenes info about our local stations and the horrific conglomerates that interfere with community broadcasting of all kinds. Absolutely keep attacking all media execs who hurt our local TV and radio stations!

    1. Wrong. The weather orgy fest heaped upon us could be cut by 98% and we'd still get ALL we needed to know.

  3. KTVU was doing it before FOX, silly.

    1. That's what is soooooooooo disappointing...I thought the non stop weather live shots were going away.

  4. Weather-I go by the "weather string procedure". Hold a string outside you house. If it gets wet, its raining; if it goes sideways, its windy; if you can't see it, its foggy-unless its night.

    I figured it out after the 3rd weather REPORT (not tease) in 20 minutes on a KTVU "newscast". Its cheap, you don't need a crew when you can ripoff the front page, its a cheap filler like hamburger helper. Did I mention that its cheap? Well, KTVU is giving me the opportunity to check out what's happening elsewhere.

  5. You want to see a scam check out "WeatherRate" pay them to "rate" your WX cast as "most accurate".

  6. Lieberman hates everything. It's that simple.

  7. People working for the companies buying the time are stupid.

  8. Frank Somerville: Your KTVU hair plugs authority.

  9. "KPIX could show some ingenuity --they could film one of their pregnant anchors during labor and induce a live shot of birth"

    Better yet, how 'bout the whole story? Show the anchorette getting preggers - then follow up 9 mos later.

    (Anyone except Thunder Thighs, that is.)

  10. Rich, the grumpy (not the one on Vallejo), curmudgeon thing is fine, once in a while. But, it's getting old as a regular fare.

    We can all watch/listen/read ... then, bitch about everything, on our own. In fact, I'm probably better at it than YOU are. I'll bet that many others feel the same way.

    Yes, January and February can be draggy old months. But, c'mon. There's more to media than the number of weather reports.

  11. Rich, You are the king of media

    Which title is more important- Authority, Expert or Insider?

  12. The thing I can't stand in weather is Paulson's blabbering I have to turn off the sound to figure out what he is blabbering about and the asses who get up at 4AM and text him about their rain Gage in Cotati. Who cares?

    Just about the only competent meteorologist I see is Lisa Argen. I don't think any of the clowns at Foxified 2 have a AMS certificate unless someone dropped it in the street and they picked it up...

    Quoting an old neighbor KTVU Weather has ass clowns a plenty... One more point to make you chuckle - when I was very young I thought Cotati was some sort of sex act...

  13. Nobody asked me but there is the first "normal" wet weather since 2010-11 and the media is milking it for all its worth! We know the TV stations give us a forecast, so why do we need to be hit over the head with it? My two cents.

  14. Live in Oakland; KTVU broadcasts from Oakland, you would think they might show weather for Oakland. Maybe just maybe you'll see a forecast for Oakland as they pan down at the end of the forecast. Not every day but occasionally. You would think they are better off doing Oakland weather as all they have to do is walk outside or look out a window. Typically a better method than their exclusive radar, weather models and other high priced useless technology.