Tuesday, January 19, 2016

KTVU Reporter De la Vega Sharp in San Jose Greyhound Bus Crash; Tuesday Open

A Grehound bus that overturned on Tuesday on Highway 101 near Highway 85 in San Jose killed two people and injured several more. Photo: CBS San Francisco Props to KTVU reporter, Janine De la Vega, who was able to score a key interview at the site of the Greyhound bus accident in San Jose that killed two people and injured several others.

This is one of the most difficult stories to cover --a terrible crash in the middle of a busy freeway during the morning commute. Moreover, when information is hard to obtain and the story is ever fluid and always changing, easy tasks become more irksome. When you add a heavy-duty rainstorm into the live shot it can be further maddening.

Not so with De la Vega who managed to get one of the passengers off the bus with an eyewitness account. (The young man said the driver fell asleep at the wheel)

To KTVU's credit, they pretty much stayed with the story while some stations went back to network programming.


  1. KREL was busy covering the latest 10-pounder left on his driveway.

  2. Will Tran was horrible interviewing some of the bus passengers this morning. The douche-bag kept leading his questions. Geez...one of the worst journalist I have ever seen. GTFO the game Will Tran, you suck at your job!

  3. Will Tran is a wannabe hack which explains why he's at KRON. He'll never make it on another station

  4. Really liked Will Tran's coverage of this. Primo.

  5. Frank Sommerville will likely write a sanctimonious piece on facebook about this crash. He will end by saying: I hate drunk drivers and I hate drivers who fall asleep at the wheel. By the way, did you know I practice an Israeli self defense called Krav Maga and I don't eat meat?

    1. "And those are my black children in the picture."

  6. And, although I will never have the gravitas that Dennis Richmond earned through years of "boots in the street" real reporting (ACTUAL MILEAGE), I hope you will, at least, regard me in the same class as Steve McPartlin. (Oh, how I envied his coiffe).