Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Desecration of KTVU News; Indict the Conspirators; The Specific Case in Detail

 You know by now that the once-sacred, industry stalwart, "KTVU News" has been desecrated by FOX. All around the country but most evident in the Bay Area at 2 Jack London Square.
What was once a mighty eloquent, respected news operation with a slew of great news anchors and reporters; news directors and producers and staff, has been turned into a certifiable joke.
More ominous is the willing participants who have acted, dare I say, conspired to take part in; aid and abet in destroying this TV Journalism giant that is now a laughingstock fraught with indelible haze.
In that tone, I resolve the following: That the players responsible for this decapitation of a once-renowned, acclaimed, esteemed operation be tried and indicted in a national courtroom before their peers and be subject to all legitimate and fair penalties that befit such horrendous action...
*The accused: CONSPIRATORS

--Gregg Kelley/VP-GM --KTVU: for willfully taking part in; allowing and openly participating in the desecration.
--Dana Hahn/News Director: for willfully aiding and allowing this desecration to exist and thrive.
-Gasia Mikaelian: Willfully acting and taking part in frivolous and ridiculous acts of impropriety not conducive to a respected news outfit and organization --suggested penalty: one year in county jail plus one year probation.
-Ross Palombo: willfully taking part in and acting in coordination of aloof activities with a nefarious intention. Willfully acting and taking part in desecration of both institution (KTVU News) and personal look/appearance by initiating possible enhancement of facial property via botox and artificial means; body parts include eyes, face, and make-up.
Claudine Wong: willful desecration of sacred property with participation of enhanced, fake, enlarged smile faculties on upper face and near cranium.
-Rosemary Orozco: willful participation, planning and creator of un-genuine physical activity; exaggerated laughing; giggling and falsified clothing enhancement --mass desecration of KTVU standards, pre-2014.
SUMMARY: A plan to notify the Alameda County legal representatives in a neutralized setting has been fully noted and those individuals; including all and every subject that could talk like a pirate; and those that have visual hard-ons and orgasms upon seeing former NFL football players who fumbled the ball that disabled their team from taking part in a Super Bowl, have also been contacted.
JUDGEMENT DAY: We will keep you informed of the decision.


  1. Judge Joseph WapnerDecember 12, 2015 at 9:49 AM

    I hereby declare Dr Bill guilty of desecrating Greenville with his curmudgeon ass. Time for me to desecrate the toilet.

  2. Guilty as charged. A quick response team from PG&E has been dispatched to 2 Jack London Square to disconnect all electrical power.

  3. KTVU has been desecrated "all around the country" Really?

  4. It's so easy to blame FOX for the world's troubles while turning a blind eye towards everywhere else this is companies from both sides of the political spectrum. The DNC loves blog postings like this. Wool over sheep's eyes.

  5. "When the going gets weird, the weird turn professional" - Hunter S. Thompson

  6. I haven't watched the local news on any station for years. The reason? Very little time to get into any depth or detail on anything, so it's all pretty much headlines and small, sordid little stories about shootings, fires and car accidents. And the 'faces' you talk about on TV? Ross Polumbo is the only name I'm vaguely familiar with, and I'm not even sure what he looks like. These anchor folks come and go with alarming regularity because stations are just like the rest of the business world in America today: no loyalty or consistency with their employees. Just find new, younger, hungrier people who will work longer hours for less money. That's the corporate way, and TV is no different than any other business. The bottom line, stockbrokers have influence and will try to make a profit. That's their most important goal. Loyalty and sincerity? No sir!

  7. Sum Ting Wong ... with happy talk.
    Shut -up and do more investigative news reports.
    Again ... shut up
    Weather man .... shut up
    We don't need happy talk from these peanut gallery tv news anchors.

  8. I watched KTVU as my preferred Bay Area TV news station for 30+ years, sometimes watching the "Ten o'clock News" at least four times a week. However, starting in February 2015, I shut it off and have watched perhaps once during the rest of 2015. The weather segments became almost parodies, with "Live Doppler 2000" or whatever they tout every five seconds. Then there is the weird bell carillon that heralds the bumpers before the first commercial break. The 10 p.m. broadcast was already dumbed down in 2014 or earlier, almost resembling the "Frank & Julie Show" instead of a newscast. "Happy talk" was almost non-existent in the Dennis Richmond era, but now happens with almost every segment. I really don't need to hear an anchor declare, "Nice story." So KTVU has now become more-or-less fully Foxified. KTVU News sadly has its glory days far, far behind it. Let's pray that it doesn't fall into the gutter as bad as KRON has, where most of its fine news legacy literally was sent to a dumpster. I long for an intelligent TV newscast in the Bay Area. If KQED-TV would produce a quality newscast that is aggressive in pursuing the truth, I'm sure that many would join me in watching it (just as KQED-FM now is high in the ratings and KGO-AM is in the dumpster).

  9. Rich, after reading this how come I have that "Fox viewing positions" scene from Married With Children stuck in my mind?