Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Today on the Gil Gross Show

 1. Gil has an exclusive: 5 minutes with Toonces, the talking cat.

2. Gil does 10 minutes on the phone with an expert, Dr. Strothers Schmuck, who says men who are blind, masturbate more than you think.

3. Gil talks to foodie, Penelope Pear, on how to fry okra using coconut oil and lighter fluid.

4. 5-minute phoner with a guy in South Dakota who mistook his wife for Bigfoot.

5. Gil speaks to clinical psychologist Dr. Ira Moshenweitz about why it's not a good idea to simultaneously  make your breakfast while bathing.

6. Gil has a quick 2 minutes with IHeart's bigwig, Dwight Walker who will tell the Bay Area how he fucked up a whole bunch of radio stations.

7. Gil will speak to a Cumulus SF cluster big suit, Dick Putz, who will tell the Bay Area how he and others fucked up a whole bunch of radio stations.

8. Gil and wifey, Rhoda, will join SF social woman, Brenda Butts--a cast member of 'Beach Blanket Babylon' --for a duet of "They're coming to take us away"

9. Gil has a 15-minute exclusive with Bay Area media star, Gary Radnich, who's writing a book about adventures in the Tenderloin.


Gil interviews a talking female gorilla from the SF Zoo who can recite every Sleeptrain commercial ever concocted.

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  1. Toonces, the driving cat. The cat who could drive a car.

    He drives around
    All over the town
    Toonces the driving cat

    Da da da da

    (Phil Hartman) "Toonces, the driving cat"

  2. Looking forward to Monday, when sitting in for Gil will be a diseased squirrel

  3. Wasn't Gil a phone operator for 1-800-OLD-JEWS?

  4. Haven't listened to Gil in over a year due to his annoying delivery, made all the more unbearable after he stopped taking calls and went solo. Tuned in yesterday to see if anything had changed.

    "Aaaaaaahhhh... Ummmmmmmmm... Welllll,,,, Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah.."

    Turned the dial after 30 seconds.

  5. But one percent better than Kristine Kraft cheese. Where's Ira Blue.?

  6. Sounds like Gil has more content than anybody else around here...

  7. Sarcasm? You have a point.

  8. I find Gil very interesting. He explains current events very well and he has good interviews. The only thing I don't like is when Rhoda is on the show. Her high pitched voice and laugh are hard to listen to and she doesn't add much of interest. I guess he is being a good husband and he has it it his contract to include her.