Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Morning Noise

 NOISE...a cacophony of mattress ads, endless Kars4Kids, penile enhancement, artificial sound drops, bits, multiple Joan Lunden, Non-24, screaming white frat boys who couldn't conduct an actual conversation if their life depended on it, giggling "news" anchors, professional chirpers, asshole, righteous "anchors" who articulate endlessly about the weather, traffic noise with annoying traffic "anchors" every five minutes (it seems), Midwest-boorish-like Sacramento-based "comedy " hacks who think fart noises are funny, the death of AM radio --NOISE, really.


  1. The girl on the mattress ad at the track meet is smoking hot. The one where she can't get started cause she didn't have a good nights sleep. I wonder why?

  2. Wow...that chick covering her ears in the pic is HOTTT!!!

  3. Rich, you couldn't be more spot-on about AM radio. The bean counters have taken over our industry and are ruining it. Look no further than what Cum-u-lit-us has done to the once proud banner of KGO!

    These 'consultants' and 21st century 'Program Directors,' (that's a laugh!) hire nit-wit, no talent, cheap hacks to go on the radio, and as a result, once- habitual listeners now stay away in droves.

    Talk show hosts such as Ronn Owens on KGO and KQED's Michael Krasny are a dying breed, and when they go they will be replaced by cheap, mid-market quality hacks who think fart noises are funny and would rather talk about the Kardasians than discuss serious issues in this country.

    Sadly, the demise of radio only reflects the direction this country is currently headed. With deregulation rampant, and almost every politician bought lock, stock and barrel by the big money concerns, you think for one minute the government is going to look at how deregulation has ruined radio and do something to reverse that? Are you kidding me?

    So unfortunately, get used to more crap on the radio. Oh, there are still some good field reporters, sports folks and anchors left in the bay area, but they are a dying breed, an endangered species, and they're slowly being replaced by either syndicated right wing crap like Limbaugh, Hannity and Savage, or locally hired 'talent' that 20 years ago never would have risen above working in a city such as Fresno. SAD!

  4. Cumulus stock down 4-cents to 64 cents a share this hour. Just think, at this rate, they'll be in bankruptcy in five days ... one cent below when Citadel did at 45-cents a share a few years ago. Can't wait!

    1. It's too damned bad that stock transactions are all digital these days! It would be way cool to buy enough Cume-less stock certificates to wallpaper a bathroom. Their printed certificates aren't particularly colorful, but they're printed on nice thick paper that will hold up well in a high-methane environment.

      What a fitting end that would be for Cumulus stock certificates!

      And sad what the Doofus Dickeys have done to the stock value of what was once a moderately valued corporation.

  5. How times have changed. In the late 1970s I worked for a local radio station owner who was interested in selling his station. What he did was SPEND money to beef up the product, got really good air talent, built new studios, ran great promotions (REALLY great). He was a successful radio/advertising guy. He knew that other people interested in buying his station would be just as interested in the quality of the product they were buying as they were the profit/loss bottom line because they were also radio people who understood the value of that product. The ratings of our station climbed markedly, and not only did the current income increase a multiple of his added expenses, he got for his station most certainly more than he would have otherwise.

    Today the owners aren’t radio people. They only look at the bottom line and couldn’t care less about the product. CBS and others, I fear, is a group that now seems run by people who don’t understand good product. They used to be but they’re not anymore. They only look at the P/L sheets.

    Terrestrial radio is free listening for all. Comparing stations to retailers, a person tuning up and down the dial could stop at the “Salvation Army Thrift Store” station just as inexpensively and easily as they could the “Niemen-Marcus” station. Which one do you think they’ll listen to?