Friday, October 23, 2015

415 Media Meets The 831: I'll Be Co-Hosting KSCO 'Flight 1080' Today From 4-7 PM

 I will be co-hosting on KSCO today (Friday) from 4-7 PM --you can listen live by clicking on the streaming audio link on the website.

I'll be joined by Dave Michaels. We'll discuss topics of the day and I'll opine on just about everything, including politics, sports, religion, Hillary, sex, --a virtual potpourri.

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  1. Enjoy your show with Dave Michaels. Oh, by the way, did you have to list Hillary right before the word Sex? There is something incongruous about that.

  2. I'll be listening intently, Rich, & look forward to the show. It will be a far cry from the Wolf Blitzer JewFest on CNN.

  3. Steven say HOCK!!!