Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Welcome To The Rich Lieberman 415 Media Cafe: Tuesday Bites


*Christine Craft: bouillabaisse.

*John Lobertini: tuna fish on rye.

*Bill Martin: grilled-cheese sandwich with mayo. Then a little more mayo, then a little more.

*Raj Mathai: salmon salad.

*Brian Copeland: Chili dog.

*Frank Somerville: fried tofu with kale and okra on the side.

*Chip Franklin: meatloaf and mashed potatoes.

*Jennifer Jones-Lee: hot, buttered popcorn, diet pepsi.

*Jon Bristow: cheeseburger, rare. Sweet potato fries, vanilla shake.

*Gary Radnich: Turkey on dark rye. Orange soda.

*Larry Krueger: 12-inch all-meat and extra cheese pizza. Gallon of Blue Gatorade.

*Aaron Pero: toast.

*Michael Krasny: beef tongue on rye, mustard only. Seltzer.

*Damon Bruce: See Michael Krasny.

*John Lund: 2 pieces of California roll and a Rock Star.

*Greg Papa: bowl of rigatoni --glass of house cab.

*Jon Miller: swordfish with a cup of clam chowder. Martini.

*Mike Krukow: Filet of Sole Dore, crab salad and a BEEER, that-a-babe!

*Dave Flemming: Fish and Chips. Strawberry shake.

*Duane Kuiper: Captains Plate, 2 MGDs.

*Tim Roye: Roast Beef sandwich on French roll. 2 Coronas.

*Julie Haener: Waldorf salad. Evian Bottle of Water.

*Mark Ibanez: Crab sandwich. Guinness.

*Allen Martin: Beef liver. Glass of milk.

*Cheryl Jennings: Melba toast, cocoanut water.

*Juliette Goodrich: Swordfish, dinner salad, oil and vinegar --glass of Chardonnay.

*Roberta Gonzales: Swiss chard omelet --glass of skim milk. 1 Stella Dora cookie.

*Dave Clark: Porterhouse steak. Well done. Glass of OJ.

*Sal Castaneda: Slab of baby-back ribs, six pack of Corona.

*Dan Ashley: Two double doubles and some fries. 1 Bud Lite.

*Brian Sussman: 2 Quarter Pounders with cheese, 2 Fish Filet, Vanilla Shake and a shot of Jameson.

*Sherry Green: 4 fish tacos and a can of Bud.

*Brian Murphy: 1 whole Ameci Pizza, cheese only. Bottle of Guinness, dude!

*Paulie Mac: 2 pieces of KFC with a Soundboard, dude!

*Patrick Connor: Chicken Fried Steak, lasagna, and a pint of Stella.

*Marty Lurie: Ruben sandwich, coleslaw and a diet coke.

*Darya Folsom: 2 Pancakes with extra syrup. 1 lump of butter.

*Veronica De La Cruz: doesn't eat.

*Dennis O'Donnell: MUG Root Beer.

*Vernon Glenn: Gary's leftovers.

*Dan Rosenheim: Vern's leftovers.

*Bruno Cohen: Veal cutlets and a vat full of cider.

*Tracey Watkowski: Whatever Wayne Freedman wants.

*Lew Dickey: Hush Puppies.

*Michael Savage: Linguine and garlic. Glass of Merlot.

*Teddy: small doggy bowl of grilled chicken.

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  1. -Only one that sounds appetizing is Sherry Green's and Savage's.
    -I think Dennis O'Donnell drinks SMUG Root Beer.

  2. One more thing for Kuiper: A schmag.

    Ray Ratto: Anything, as long as it's all-you-can-eat.

  3. Terilyn Joe: Stir fried crow

  4. I gotta admit... Vern's was funny. I like Vern Glenn but funny.

  5. Bill Wattenburg: Heaping plate of dog crap covered in Hollandaise Sauce with Sesame Seeds sprinkled on top. Beverage: whatever's on sale at Wal-Mart.

    1. This was way off, even from a comedic standpoint. You need to think grumpy.

  6. Papa doesn't drink Cab with pasts and meatsauce. He's wealthier than that.

    Can you just have sec with Christine already? Arent you two the same people?

    1. How about some ham and EGO waffles for Papa. Fitz stole his job and nobody came to his defense because folks hated Papa more than Fitz

  7. Dining Around with Gene BurnsSeptember 1, 2015 at 10:08 AM

    Karel: Fruit roll up, Fruit loops, Weiner covered in chili.

    Kate T Scott: Short n' Curly fries covered with a carpet of melted cheese.

    Pat Thurston: Rack of anything, quantity proudly discussed with anyone who asks.

    Darya Folsom: Sausage. Lots and lots of sausage.

  8. Lieberman: Kosher shit sandwhich

  9. Karel: Cotton Candy with party sprinkles on it & someone else paid for it. Dessert: Uneaten donuts left on the table at Raley's.

  10. Who is Sherry Green?

  11. Kawakami: Gefilte fish

  12. Brian Hackney: foie gras
    Da Lin: fresh blood
    Will Tran: Panda Express
    Stanley Roberts: hospital food
    Jan Wahl: something from the soda fountain at Schwab's drugstore

    1. Jan Wahl ate the soda fountain at Schwab's drugstore.

  13. What great signage!

  14. Roberta Gonzales -- a bowl of refried beans and a Crazy Loon

  15. For Da Lin -- more carrots so his eyes can focus on the camera during live shots.

  16. Krukow -- a big plate of pine meat followed by a healthy squaaaaaaat

  17. Chef Ryan Scott: Deep Fried Douchebag with lots of cheesy on top. Secret Side of Asian Sauce and to drink agua fresca with a triple shot of Anejo Patron Tequila. DUDE!!!

  18. I dont think eating is the least of Veronica's problems

  19. Darya, two pancakes. Best. Comment. Ever.

  20. Your list of equivalencies is Hill-Larry-Ous!! Mucho Gracias.