Thursday, September 17, 2015

Thursday Sabbatical


  1. The nerve!! (Ha ha ha). Enjoy your day off, Rich. Will look forward to tomorrow's report. Thanks for providing the service of giving us the dirt/juicy details of this interesting (cutthroat) industry!

  2. Maichull KoreleeoneeSeptember 17, 2015 at 4:10 PM

    I second that, Dawn!! Enjoy your time off, Rich, & thank you for providing great SF media news only from you!! Everyone else is dog shit on Bouley's driveway!!!

  3. You were missed!

    Hopefully, you missed Wednesday's KTVU (FAUX) morning edition with Ms. Moriarty singing a Patsy Cline song, and Mr. Clark kind of humming or singing along back in the studio.

    I get they're the 'American Idol' station, and they have to report on auditions, but breaking out in song is not what reporters and anchors need to be doing.

    Tara did sing well, however, and I'm envious of her red locks. ;)

    I guess since Tweets and Facebook comments from viewers seem to now be deemed as the new "news" norm, nothing should surprise me anymore.

    Keba Arnold: Not sure why all the hate?

    Mark Danon: Could easily, and SHOULD anchor KRON mornings solo

    Raj Mathai: Solid anchor, and easy on the eyes. (I never see hot male anchors get any play on here, so my two cents).

    Jan Wahl: Not sure why all the gimmicky array of hats? Have agreed on a few of her film choices.

    Jackie Sissel: "The Unknown Video Journalist" who sometimes sounds like Will Tran.

    Jeff Bush: I keep 'hearing' the wrong name, which reminds me of a certain up-coming election.

    Haaziq Madyun: Decent reporting, but his voice makes me want to blow my nose

    Stanley Roberts: We know what your opinion of him is; I personally enjoy PBB...the offenders (for the most part), just can't take being caught...Wishing Stanley a speedy recovery!

  4. Ahem ... It's Friday. Back to work! ; )

  5. The other morning on KTVU (about 7:15am or so )Dave and Gasia all of a sudden pulled out some old pictures of themselves and started talking about how they got started in the business. Very strange. Unwatchable. I wanted some news for crapsake. Next thing you know they will have their families sitting behind them during the newscast.