Friday, September 18, 2015

More Girl Fights At KPIX; That KGO Radio Producer Who Quit Was All Fed Up; KRON To Radnich: Don't Screw With Weather Chick; Friday 415 Media Darts; The Truth Is Serious Business

 The Girl Fights at KPIX over who gets to sit next to the male anchors in primetime have returned to 855 Battery --Again! Seems High Priestess, Veronica De La Cruz (while she's not working on her hair every 5 minutes) is once again demanding more of her already allotted time because, in her opinion, "everyone else pretty much sucks here!"--She has a point.

Frankly, if it were me, I'd clean out the whole building and start over. Cleanse the studios. Remodel the newsroom. The place stinks to high heaven. Smells like rotten eggs. Like a giant skunk got lobotomized.

Bruno? You still work there? Do something. Anything. Or are you just banking on those 7 million Super Bowl ads. And Dan? You left KRON years ago and THIS is what you have accomplished. OMG! Seriously.

Ladies: take a cure from me. It's not worth a fight. I'd just stay positioned and wait until the inevitable personnel shakeups --they're coming.

*Speaking of KRON, the digital editor (whatever the hell that means) who washes Radnich's car, has drawn the attention of a news editor on Twitter. Seems un-super Mario is slightly infatuated with me. Figures. Working at KRON is sort of a drag, especially when you're having to attend to cleaning used Bentleys on a daily basis.

*Heather Holmes is lucky to be at KTVU--she would be a 4th-tier anchor in LA. Wait, she couldn't make it in Ell-Lay.

*Dave Clark is very very Indianapolis which doesn't look so well in the Bay Area. In other words, Happy Talk is not you, Davie.

*John Madden has jumped the shark. Doesn't say much of anything anymore unless it's his bus or bocce ball.

*It's not that I'm overly critical of some of the alleged women reporters here it just seems the Bay Area has an unbelievable amount of shitty female reporters. That's right, I said it! Sue me.

*Tom Vacar was relevant about 20 years ago --coincidentally, the last time he smiled on air--Tom, relax, have a turkey sandwich and a shot --you're a damn TV News reporter, not the male Mother Teresa.

*Another stiff look: David Louie at KGO. (He's still there? Yep he is.)

*I know this is bordering on being sacrilegious but have you heard Ronn Owens lately? Sounds awful. I'm just being honest.

*Who's the genius who told a certain TV station here to begin running promos touting the station's wildfire coverage? Don't tell me Lee Rosenthal has resurfaced. Wonder boy retro, no thanks.

*That morning producer on KGO Radio was accused of falsifying her time card because she included the hours she works from home. All producers do a lot of work from home. Fed up with all the bullshit, she decided to quit.

*Management at KRON to Radnich very clearly: Don't fuck with the new weather broad. Seriously. We're not kidding. Message delivered.

*Hey Pero: I hope digital boy has pictures.

*Michael Krasny: "Today, I will interview Gil Gross' left testicle." And KQED will have a new cd to auction at the pledge break.

*So, Mike, did you send some after-dinner mints to Angie Coiro?

*Doug Sovern of KCBS wants you to know that Doug Sovern is the greatest thing since the invention of gouda cheese.

*In light of all the shit that has happened to the NY Daily News (mass layoffs and red ink) I'm not going to be shocked at what's in the offing for the SF Chronicle.

*If John Lund quit talking about his penis every now and then on 95.7 FM The Game (All Sports) he'd be at least seriously considered for the upcoming KNBR opening but Johnny boy can't help himself. When the ratings tank, talk about ho's and johnsons.

*Their morning show really sucks too --they could put on a rotting corpse and that would get better traction than the goo-fest they called "Flight 95.7"--some flight, the pilots are all drunk.

*Do I seem all warm and fuzzy today?

*Ann Killion: the best example of why feminism has its down points.

*Big week for Ann: she's taking Radnich to the Emeryville Denny's for the all-you-can-eat breakfast.

*Radnich is obsessed with this: "To make it in life, you have to have a family and kids. You have to have responsibility and take care of your wife." Really, Gare? YOU say that?

*BREAKING NEWS! Ray Ratto just ate Tim Kawakami.

*When Jon Miller takes a #2 is all a part of the Post-Game Crap?

*Kate Scott: I heard through the grapevine that they told you to just shut up and well, that's about fine. Don't be put out, Katie, I mean it's not as if you're working at a radio station.

*Actually, and I'm being serious, I like Lee Hammer. Hammer gets it. How do I know? Ask Hammer.

*Killion wants to be more in tune with the hood which might best explain her new NWA collection.

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  1. You shut your hole, Veronica!! Your motto is "Me love you long time!", so get used to it!

    1. Lame, and that's being kind.

    2. James and Frances LanthierSeptember 18, 2015 at 5:21 PM

      Four Dollars?!? Fuck You, I will not!! The hell with you!!

    3. That was a stupid joke. Are you stuck in the 80's or something and can't come up with some modern day jokes?

  2. I wonder if Ray Ratto & Jan Wahl share the same food trough...scoot over, goddamit!!

  3. It's beginning to sound more and more like Rich Lieberman just hates everyone. Not entertaining or informative, just sad.

    1. Well, the part about hating everyone? Yep, pretty much spot on. Thanks for the observation.

    2. If the purpose of his one day sabbatical on Thursday was to get away to grow a couple more rattles on his tail, it clearly worked.

    3. When he's just lashing out at everyone it says more about Lieberman than it does about his targets. Sounds like he's bitter and angry.

    4. Dear Deaf, Dumb and Blind: You have no clue about the business do you? It's gone to shit. You must be an intern or someone with a cozy contract that doesn't give a rat's ass about anyone except yourself. Drink some reality juice dumbass.

    5. Deaf, Dumb, and BlindSeptember 18, 2015 at 7:22 PM

      anon@4:56 Radio is no longer as critical as it used to be in providing information to the public. The business has also changed, drastically. You can either adapt to change or sit around wringing your hands and talking about 'the good old days."

      Calling other people names just because you can't adjust to change doesn't really make a lot of sense.

  4. I'd say the KGO radio producer did well by quitting. Cumulus stock is below $1. The writing is on the wall. Spot on about Heather Holmes. Look she's somewhat hot from the neck up but unless I see the whole body I withhold judgment. From what I've seen she lacks curves. Big turn off.
    Did KRON management really go after Radnich? Over the years he has bragged about how he's his own man and management leaves him alone: Note his disdain for unions and his non-use of neckties. Is the Bloated One's power on the decline?

  5. Real news: Cumulus stock at 11 am today: $.99 cents a share and dropping. Lost 11 cents so far today. Cumulus is toast.

  6. Lieberman seems to have a terrible problem with woman, all woman. Gee, wonder why he's still single.

  7. Please Rich, don't get my hopes up about Kate Scott.

  8. Finally, a good column! For a change! Must have had some strong coffee for this. Usually it's friggin' endless WHIIIIIIIINING.

    Congrats, you knocked this one out of the park for a change. It was good.

  9. Cumulus closes at $.96 a Next week should be fun.

  10. I almost always take up for Dave Clark. But when it comes to HAPPY TALK I will not carry Daves water. The entire KTVU newscast who engage look and sound phony. Enough of the happy talk. Reporting the news is what you do best.

  11. KGO Producers work in and out the building! They don't stop.

    1. Is that so Captain Obvious?

  12. I am watching the 5 p.m. news and the female anchors are:
    *KGO...Cheryl Jennings
    *KNTV...Janell Wang

    I would rate Janell #1, HH #2, & VDLC #3. (CJ is just hard to watch. ) I guess this is just the way it is in this market, They all READ adequately for me.

    1. A follow up at 6pm (normally I don't check all of the local stations):
      *KGO--Ama Daetz
      *KNTV....Jessica Acquire

      I will say I will be watching KNTV, for the best staff (including Raj M and Jeff R) including the reporters. I watched NBC National also at 530pm.

  13. Rich, what is the upcoming opening at KNBR? What shift? 680 or 1050?

  14. KTVU must be under a happy talk mandate...sad to see.

  15. @Mary 11:14am - Rich is still single because guys like us are too SMART to ever risk financial assets to the fickle mind of a woman.

  16. I feel like a hick from the sticks, in my case San Jose. I liked when Liz Cook was co-anchor at the 11 PM broadcast and I like VDLC now that Liz is out being a new mom. The relations between the 11 PM crew seem pretty relaxed to me, as well as Veronica's interactions with the female reporters.

    I am just bad at reading human emotions as a stereotypical Silicon Valley engineer?


  17. I just don't like VDLC @ ALL - not at 5, 6, 10 or 11. And I stopped watching KTVU when they brought in Dave Clark - so, this week, no VDLC, so I've been back to watching KPIX at 5:00. What am I gonna do when VDLC comes back? WAAAHHHHH