Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Looks Like Both The SF Examiner And SF Weekly Are Really Fucked Up

THE OTHER DAY I asked if anyone still reads the Examiner--both the print and on-line edition. The inference was clear: the Examiner and its sister publication, SF Weekly, are having massive issues and according to those in the know, their future is murky.

Now we know the shit has hit the fan.

A publisher that appears to be out of control. Reporters leaving en masse --like this one. And a dwindling editorial staff that apparently was fucked over by the increasingly "ballistic" big suit, Glenn Zuehls--who seems hellbent on destroying the already marginalized two media companies in town.

The Examiner used to be relevant about a thousand years ago when Hearst owned the paper and put out a decent afternoon fish wrap --of course back then, before newspapers began dying, people actually read a newspaper ---not so much these days as everything is digital, goddammit!

As for SF Weekly, I like their restaurant reviews--other than that, I'm not an enthusiast --oh, spank me!

Bottom line: Those of you that read these guys you may want to cherish your time as it appears, they are running out of time.

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  1. News Flash: They were fucked up before. Why all of a sudden draw attention to this? Writers get paid by the view online, not by salary or by submission. Would that motivate me? In the expensive San Francisco Bay Area? I'd probably not make enough to buy ramen at the Everything's a Dollar store. I'm better off working at Starbucks, throwing hot coffee at rude self-absorbed tech assholes. Brand Ex is given away for free at BART stations. Sorry, but these rags are a waste of natural resources and gives contributors a false sense of belonging. You're better off creating your own website, writing about something near and dear to your heart and selling advertising. That sounds familiar, don't it?

    1. I know a guy who writes genuine news articles for the Examiner. He says he gets paid by the submission.

  2. The Monday paper was only 12 pages. The Tuesday paper was back to the normal 24 pages.

  3. Call me a pervert but I've always enjoyed reading the advertisements in the back of SF Weekly.

  4. I wouldn't even wipe my ass with either one of those shit-rags.

  5. Just after "The Examiner," re-emerged from Hearst dumping it, it started being delivered "gratis," 2X per week on doorsteps. It was tantamount to littering, as few residents bothered to pick it up.

    I tried to get it cancelled, for reducing the litter, AND for saving paper. I found that it had become a multi-city publication that was run out of Denver ... primarily an advertising organ, with appropriately local stories appearing in the various venues.

    Cancelling it was no easy task. I had to go through a number in Denver, and it took many tries and much hoop-jumping. It's still an eyesore in my neighborhood, as it continues to contribute to litter, every Thursday and Sunday.

    I don't know if it remains part of the larger publication effort. But, it's still a waste of trees.

  6. Guess he's walked it back a little:

    Worked at the Ex under Anschutz, laid off after the sale when they actually had to start balancing the books. Never dealt with Zuelhs, but everybody I know who's still there or recently departed says he's a massive POS.