Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Some Real Bad Ass TV Investigative Reporters (And A Newspaper Duo) You Don't Want To Screw With On The Streets Of San Francisco

Matier and Ross: SF Chronicle

Not a good idea to be in the headlines with these guys. Known locally from some of the most powerful political elite as the gruesome twosome, the pair have juice all the way from Washington to the city, and of course, Sacramento. Don't get in their way and if you fail to respond to an e-mail or phone call you're asking for it. They can be cool too (ask Willie Brown) but also relentless (ask Gray Davis)

 Dan Noyes: KGO-TV

This veteran and tenacious TV Investigative Reporter makes a lot of people cringe--generally, bad guys. Noyes isn't afraid to confront con artists, sleazy businessmen, and crooked politicians. Gavin Newsom isn't particularly crooked but he had a notorious duke-it-out with Noyes a few years back that made the rounds all over the city. Noyes is too smooth too and is a fond practitioner of the 60 Minutes confront the bastard on the street. It's effective and good TV although not so enlightening for Noyes targets.

 Tony Kovaleski: NBC Bay Area

Kovaleski has a keen interviewing style that can make the bull shitters scared to death. Maybe it's the suspenders and prosecutor eyes. Kovaleski will play ball with you so as long as you don't go off on tangents and try to cover. He's not a cover guy. He's also not interested in false flattery so if you're some political hack that just embezzled $50G you're not going to have a nice day with Mr. Kovaleski.

 Vicky Nguyen: NBC Bay Area

Ms. Nguyen (part of NBC Bay Area "Investigative Unit" along with Kovaleski) Like Noyes, if Nguyen is trailing you you're in for a pretty shitty day. Pols, swindlers, ex-cons; doesn't matter the company, good old Vicky is relentless; easy on the eyes too so there is a happy ending no matter what.

I don't even have to mention his name: Do.Not.Fuck.With. This. Guy. Unless you want some serious shit to go your way.

 Eric Rasmussen: KTVU

Rasmussen has begun to grown on me. When he first came here he seemed overly caffeinated on nothing outstanding in particular --in other words, a lot of smoke and mirrors. Not lately. Rasmussen nailed a couple of slumlords --one in the South Bay in particular --and one real nasty deal in Oakland --Get the hell out of his way if you see him. Run fast.

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  1. So they get chummy with Willie but go after the Republican? Sounds fair and balanced....

    1. Newsom, Lee and Quan are republicans now?

      Get a life.

    2. LOL, "Fair and Balanced", who uses that again?

    3. What in thee blue hell is 11:10 referring to? It's called "reading comprehension", look into it.

  2. "Ross" of Matier and Ross?

    Does he exist?

    1. I've always wondered that about Bartles of Bartles and Jaymes.

  3. I want each and every one of these people....better yet, I DARE all of them to go interview anyone in power who was in favor of or enforces the SANCTUARY CITY LAWS and find out if they will continue to do so.

    I find it degrading when some official says "we don't enforce it because it will hinder the established policing communications we have with neighborhoods". WTF...you mean those neighborhoods LIKE those criminals living in their neighborhoods? SMH.

  4. In July 2014 I contacted Eric Rasmussen about S.F Muni Riders Daily Rampant Fare Evasion and lack of enforcement by Muni Drivers & absence of Muni Fare Inspectors. He & his Cameraman rode various Muni Lines for 2 weeks and saw half the riders sneak on without paying their fare. Eric interviewed me on air for his "2 Investigates" along with firmly asking several top Muni honchos about what they're going to do to enforce rider fare payment. After Eric's report I saw a noticeable improvement to this day in enforcing rider fare payment by both Muni drivers with more Muni fare inspectors boarding buses/trains.

  5. We sold our property in SF to a Con-Man, unbeknownst to us at the time of the sell. We contacted Dan Noyes, via email to investigate this well know Con-Man who had been brought to us by our Real Estate Agent. We never ever heard back from him.

    In the meanwhile, Tony Kovaleski of NBC Bay Area investigated our Con-Man's partner in Crime W. B. Coyle, and put him out of business in the City. It speaks volumes about the South Bay News Outlet willingness to Investigate, and SF's News Outlet not even willing to give us a call back?!?!

    But we are happy to say that soon after Mr. Coyle went out of business, our Con-Man vacated our building, he knew that the screws were getting ready to turn on him also.

  6. How old is Dan Noyes? Anyone know? He's always had gray hair and this goes back years now.

  7. Local news 'investigative beat' reporters always seem so damned sanctimonious on the air, especially Dan Noise(No. Yes.), and the NBC Bay Area team, doing their 'bad-ass posing' as though they're on an AMC drama.
    And most of it boils down to 'PG&E keeps raising rates because the donut shops they use for catering meetings keep raising the prices for extra sprinkles. Tonight, we SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER to these mo-fos.'