Monday, July 6, 2015

Cumulus/KGO/KNBR War With SF SAG-AFTRA; Breaking Point

*Cumulus puts foot down

*KGO/KNBR rank and file riled over $15 an-hour wages for some personnel

*Members discuss possibility of "limited worker walkout"--ask Bay Area for help

*Closure of KGO Radio South Bay Bureau rankles union; KGO senior staffers await further round of layoffs come middle of month

*While "little people barely scrape down" at $millions-enhanced KNBR (thanks to Warriors and Giants) mass multi-thousands bonuses paid out to Cumulus senior managers

*Gary Radnich pooh-poohs union movement at KNBR all the while making $400,000 and talking back to $15 an-hour "producers" and board ops


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  1. Cumulus sucks. Radnich sucks. Lowenstein sucks too. What has happened to radio in this market? So good at one time, but now it doesn't even compete with the hum of rush hour traffic for noise. Keep it up Cumulus. You're killing radio. Slowly but surely.

  2. AM Radio LOL It is time to take that dog out to the woods and put a .22 slug behind it's ear. Note to Executives AM radio"executives" It can not be fixed it is dead give it up run sports or turn the transmitters off and save on electricity.

  3. If anyone thinks KGO radio can't get any worse, think again. Take a listen to KGO's Dallas sister station, KLIF, a mess of canned radio, $10 an hour copy readers and automation. This was the station the geniuses at Cumulus used to deconstruct overnight the #1 rated radio station in Northern California. I wouldn't be shocked if Ronn Owens is to be replaced with Jonathon Brandmeier when his contract expires.

  4. " Tell Cumulus that one size does not fit all. Tell Cumulus that by using the public airways the company has an obligation to provide relevant local news and programming. Please support local radio by signing our petition below."

    I realize that San Francisco and the Bay Area is largely "all union - all the time."
    I get it. However, this is total union horseshit and though not a fan of Cumulus, they are doing the right thing in this situation. Being "unionized" does not guarantee that the future of employees wll go up "just because I'm unon." Nor will it make them worker smarter, harder, etc. It will not aid in their "experience." Total horseshit. Non-union employees have proven to be at least as good and, in many cares, far better employees in many ways and situation. Being 'part of SAG/AFTRA does not make one a better employee.

    Yes, Cumulus is cheap in every way. Even Ronn knows that. He is not making over a million a year as he was "rumored." Whatever, it doesn't matter. He makes just over $300,000 now and Radnich makes more -- including what he makes at KRON. It's pure union bullying -- from a union getting weaker, especially in San Francisco. They collect the union dues, but as for a growing union presence, they fail miserably.

    The PR tact is horseshit and the public being addressed has no affect on the outcome Not a bit. The union is looking for a big pile of signatures on a freaking petition. Cumulus will not at $2 a share, be impressed. They will not be pushed to comply, just because a few union organizers at KGO / KNBR have their asses in the air and think they will be "saved" by union representation with a heavily-debted Cumulus Media. These employees have much more to worry about that getting those union benefits. To think that Cumulus can play this game for as long as it takes and still keep that revolving door spinning.

    Kindergarten is over, kids. Start doing your jobs better, sales people must sell it and you'll then be benefited with true union representation as it should be. Not just to cover your asses.

    From what I hear on KGO and KNBR, the union is no guarantee for crappy programming that YOU produce -- not Atlanta. It's up to you. Welcome to reality. SAG/AFTRA won't make you any better -- only a way to work behind the curtain, a million dollar legal fund, media benefits that you will pay for and no guarantees.

    Now, get a life. Quit thinking that SAG/AFTRA will save your job. It won't. Enjoy paying those initiation and monthly dues. Being libs, you'll feel proud, but end up with nothing.

  5. " Tell Cumulus that by using the public airways the company has an obligation to provide relevant local news and programming. Please support local radio by signing our petition below."

    First, (sounding like Christine,) they are not "airways". They are "airwaves." They have no obligation to provide relevant local news whatsoever. Many station do no news at all. Many of them are here in the Bay Area, in fact. Now, that said, awareness of "community affairs, issues and topics," a whole different discussion, usually pitched to the 5 am hour on a Sunday morning and to the FCC mandated "Public File" which is the official station record of addressing public service. News, to the extent of national or local, is not mandated, but does add to "points" in providing the public "community awareness of issues of local importance." The FCC does not mandate how much news, talk or information whatsoever. If a station chose to do "all weather - all the time" it could and if they use that to solve their "local issues and topics during a given quarter of the year, that's OK ... as long as the station identifies issues and topics of relevance to a community. In fact, that programming can be covered by local or nation public affairs programming. The FCC or union could care less, as long as the "public airwaves" made an effort to address those issues.

    That's what the "public airwaves" are for. Licensees of station licenses are but business concerns "managing" or "overseeing" those frequencies they have paid for through licensing same from current sellers or new licenses issued by the FCC.

    The more "community service" done -- the more the FCC makes it more comfortable to issue a license for 8-years. Any less in treating "Issues and Topics of significance to the community" is an open door to fines to radio station. Otherwise, stations only need to meet a minimum of standards.

    You don't really "own" the airwaves. To that, you don't make the decision, but you can be part of the process. Here's how: Go to a radio station and ask to see the "FCC Public File." Bring a lunch and a lot of quarters to make copies. That's how you "own" the airwaves. You are freely entitled to "inspect" the file and to report to the FCC any rule violatons that you might find. Other than that, happy listening!

  6. Here's another little nugget: Should you be unemployed for an extended period of time and get another job with an AFTRA station, you're on the hook for dues arrears, which are quarterly dues that have accumulated since you were terminated at KGO.

  7. A woman with the last name Copeland is on the Drex show tonight. Any chance thats Copie's daughter? I never like to say anything positive about Copie or KGO, but she actually made some good points on Kate Steinle.