Tuesday, July 28, 2015

KCBS Sports Guy Bitker Gets Duped By Fake Twitter 'Report'; Says Giants Get Cole Hamels Only No Cole Hamels To Giants

Ken Rosenthal

Oops --KCBS Sports guy, Steve Bitker got duped by Social Media, in this case, Twitter...

Bitker reported this (Tuesday) morning: "The very reliable 'Fox Sports Ken Rosenthal (pictured) is reporting the Giants have traded for Cole Hamels"

Only Ken Rosenthal didn't report that the Giants were getting Cole Hamels.

A FAKE Ken Rosenthal account on Twitter did report the fake trade.


Oh well, at least there's traffic and weather together.


  1. Hey, look at the bright side: they were first with it.

  2. Shitker always seemed to be a dumbass.

  3. He used to report news on KNBR, when the station was a real contributor, not the gong show that it is now. He should've stayed in news.

  4. Bitker's kind of a tool -- but he's lightyears better than Kevin the Rat. Geez, Louise. And KCBS sent Hal packing. Is a KGO type of destruction in the works?

  5. A fucking Bow Tie. You have to be kidding me!

  6. I think I'm gonna start some phony twitter accounts. Any suggestions as to who you'd like to hear fake stuff from?