Monday, July 20, 2015

KCBS Probably Closing Down Bureaus; Cumulus Secret Meeting; KQED Ponders Staff Shake-Up In The Morning; Mark Matthews: More Than a Loudmouth, A Schmuck Too; Mid-Day Monday Water Cooler

Mid-Day Water Cooler--

Talk at KCBS: closing down the bureaus. They already shuttered down the City Hall Bureau.... Cutbacks the talk of the newsroom although, according to one of my insiders, nobody is worried, yet.

*That secret Cumulus meeting took place (as reported here) --something BIG going down anytime sooner rather than later. (Think KGO).

*Potential huge staff shake-up at KQED Radio. In the morning, especially. Think "Forum."

*Add KCBS: If CBS really did sell radio who'd buy? Intense interest.

*Paul Deannu: The thinking man's Brian Hackney.

*Not only a loudmouth but a schmuck too: Mark Matthews.

*Underrated: Peggy Bunker.

*KRON: Now that you finally got the camera right (slightly better) fix the damn lighting. (Too bright)

*Total package: KGO Weather Woman, Lisa Argen. Smart, elegant, attractive and sweet too.

*Way, way overrated: KQED's smarmy, "Check Please." Let's get three obnoxious yuppies dinner out and tell us their restaurant experience. ZZZZZ. (Yeah, I know the host is hot, OK.)


  1. I'm waiting for Peggy to yell out "You shut your fucken hole!!" like her namesake Archie would.

  2. Sorry Rich... big fan of "Check Please". Actually I'm VERY surprised you haven't been yet. Seriously. It's good for showcasing restaurants in the Bay and the snarky smugness can be downright funny at times. Put an app in. Salud ! Stanley Roberts made it on. You got more cache than he I'm sure.

  3. What a shame. Radio is a joke in this market. You've got the sports bleeder, rip and read news, talk show hosts on a Red Bull drinking binge, cookie cutter radio programming and just plain shit. Jim Lange, Dave McElhatton,, Ira Blue and the other long lost SF radio legends are rolling in their graves. But there are those who think it's for the best. Go read your 140-character posts. And by the way, you can't read those while you're driving, riding your bike or zipping between cars on your motorcycles.

  4. Lis-uh?

    Sorry Rich no sale. She's cleaned up her presentation, but I see nothing to lose me head over...

  5. Check Please....not bad if you dont want to eat South of t he San Mateo county line.

  6. Check Please, drek and sneeze! . I can't stand those prissy KQED plants, none of whom has the guts to review even a flea circus. It wreaks of "The City"