Friday, July 10, 2015

CNN Thinks Long And Hard For Pitch To KPIX5's Christin Ayers; TGIF Opener

 Christin Ayers is KPIX's secret weapon reporter extraordinaire in the GA Eastbay area---not anymore.

415 Media has learned that CNN is looking long and hard to bring aboard the sly and engaging correspondent.

What will it take? More than just money as Ayers has set in well into her Eastbay home and loves the area.

On the other hand, the big cable behemoth is a major step up from local yokel KPIX5 but Atlanta?

Ok, advantage 5, but you better PAY HER, Bruno.

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  1. CNN is not the great"destination" it once was. Plenty of CNN types are now dying to find jobs in local news. CNN also don't pay shit.

  2. She best looking Hot in her blue rain coat yesterday. She also comes off as intelligent and nice. All around good combo

  3. You said it, Rich; Bruno better fork over some serious $ to keep her. Maybe sell off some of Tokuda's old Kimonos to raise the cash.

  4. Don't hold your breath. Kpix puts no effort into getting or retaining black talent.

  5. What's wrong with Atlanta? Stop being a pompous prick. The Bay Area's nice -- but it has progressively gotten worse over the past 30 years I've been here. The expense, traffic, crowds, lousy roads, lousy schools, etc.

    1. A large chunk of CNN's programs have moved to NYC. If Jeff Zukor had his way Atlanta would be shut down. Recently CNN/Zukor wanted to move that CNN Headline Morning Express to NYC. The host Robin Meade balked at the move. She won because Morning Express is higher rated than Daybreak. Talk is Meade was also asked to move to Daybreak...but refused because daybreak is a loser show.

    2. Except for the expense...Atlanta has....
      The traffic, crowds, lousy roads, lousy schools, etc.
      Just as crappy as the BA.
      Humid and giant bugs too.

  6. Ayers is a Talent. CNN is not a step up. In fact, it's a sweat shop. She's also a Nor Cal Girl. From Sac, UC Berkeley Grad and definately worth keeping. I think she has anchor talent too.