Tuesday, June 30, 2015

KPIX Escorts Its Digitor Director Out Of The Battery Building; Tuesday Start

Brandon M. Mercer Brandon Mercer, the Director of Digital Content for KPIX, is no more.

Mercer was escorted out of the CBS/KPIX building on Battery Street Monday, according to my KPIX spy. Word is he's headed to SF Gate.

Gotta love corporate protocol.

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  1. KPIX is not exempt from the Bay Area Media lunacy!! For as William Randolph Hearst once famously said, "Hobson, it's doo-doo time!"

  2. Hope he can restore SF Gate to a better user friendly site.

  3. Nothing seems to please Lieberman more than when other people get fired.

  4. Maybe kpix should fire most of their onair staff since no one is relevant there and worth their paycheck

    start with their morning team, maybe add some color while you're at it

  5. Willie WestinghouseJune 30, 2015 at 10:42 AM

    KPIX didn't want him leaving with a box of KPIX electrons.

  6. Not sure why but this made me laugh out loud.

  7. That's not common practice at CBS SF. Wonder what he did to piss them off so badly?

    1. Since he started his new job so quickly, did he just quit? Usually when someone is fired they're taken by surprise and don't have anything lined up.

  8. If a manager overseeing a company's website announces a job offer at a competitor's website, they don't let them work for two more weeks.

    That's how it works at every TV station, and definitely at every radio station I've worked in.

    Lieberman is just making a headline out of a standard industry protocol.

    I think that was the point.... "Gotta love corporate protocol."

  9. Ha! Brandon Mercer is a dangerous man. He mentored Mathew Keyes in Sacramento. The same Mathew Keyes who was indicted by the US Attornies Office for hacking the Tribune Broadcasting Web Site. Keyes pulled several other misdeeds on his way out the door. Brandon Mercer is not much better. KPIX knew some of that. This is also Mud-in-your-Eye for Bruno who took a chance based on a previous relationship.

  10. Brandon Mercer is nothing like Mathew Keyes. Brandon is one of the most honest, hard working, ethical guys in the business. He left a small job at KPIX for a big job at SF Gate. There is nothing more to this than that. No mud in your eye or hard feelings. Just a good smart guy going for a bigger gig. I'm sure Bruno congratulated him. Now, whether SF gate is a smart career move is another question. But Brandon is smart enough to know the risks. And if anyone knows how to power through adversity, it's Brandon.