Monday, May 11, 2015

KGO Radio's Jon Bristow Bummed 'American Idol' Has Been Cancelled; KRON's Bennett Headed To San Diego; Monday AM Start

 TOUGH DAY for KGO Radio News anchor, Jon Bristow--during Monday's news round-up, fellow anchor, Jennifer Jones-Lee informed Bristow, "Your favorite TV Show is being cancelled--'American Idol' will have one more year (after this season) and that's it!" --Bristow: "Oh no! It hasn't been the same since Simon left!"

Later, even BIGGER news: Bristow, that noted culture king, informed listeners that he's going to see Neil Diamond Tuesday Night in San Jose and won't be in Wednesday morning.

No word on whether Bristow plans to attend the upcoming Justin Bieber concert in the Bay Area later in the fall.

 *Former KRON Chief Meteorologist Jacqueline Bennett is joining San Diego station XETV in the morning. FTVLive had the story first.

We wish Jackie and her husband (who resides in SD) the best, especially Jackie, who managed to do what a lot of blond anchors try in earnest: ESCAPE KRON!

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  1. I'm moving to America's Finest City.

  2. I'm staying here so at least I can find out when Bristow's lunch breaks are. You can't get KGO in the daytime down there.

  3. I didn't realize American Idol was still on. I liked the show when Simon Cowell was on it. I loved it when he heard someone who he thought had talent you could see the $$ in his eyes. I hope they bring him back for a show.

    Good luck to Jacquline! Her husband is a lucky guy!

  4. Enjoy San Diego, Jackie. Say hello to my flight instructor at Gillespie.

  5. JB is an idiot. She wouldn't talk to any of the men at the station unless they were all into her big boobs and went all googly eyed over her when ever they saw her. GR was quoted as saying "she is as dumb as a rock". It's true.