Monday, May 11, 2015

April '15 Radio Ratings; KCBS #1 Still; KNBR Up; KOIT Rounds Out Top Three

KCBS holds serve.

KNBR loves the Giants and so do you.


Uptick for K-101

Talk 910 Continues to be Irrelevant.

Ditto "The Game."

Here's the full numbers.

*We always remind people that these numbers are NOT the ratings advertisers use to buy time.


  1. 910 is extremely boring.

    Only two good programs: Alan Colmes and Leo Laporte.

    Gross is getting soooo boring esp on Friday. I just cannot listen to it any longer.

    If I was in charge I hire Len Tillem and Rothman. And order everyone to take lots of phonecalls.

    Even Mr. Grump: Dr.Bill was nice to listen to because of phonecalls.

    1. I called Dr. grump one night and asked,

      "Are Spacefood Sticks made from real spacemen?"

      He called me an "eco-freak" and then hung-up.

      I was hurt at first, but then my wife told me that I had made Dr Bill my bitch.

      I felt better after that.

    2. Which is why you don't hire anyone.

    3. What days / times is Dr. Bill on? I miss him, super smart and well informed.

      The Evil Genius, Michael Savage, today twice alleged that the Mattress Man (Ron Owens at KGO) hasn't paid for his meals at North Beach Restaurant for years. Sounds plausible, they got a ton of free airtime and promo's in a top time slot, and Owens gets some tax free freebies.

      Has Rich heard of this or other freebies?

    4. Dr Bill fills in for his Son Dr Eric MD "Your Care America" TRN -ie: KSCO 1080 Su 8p-11p PT Podcast:

  2. It always cracks me up the SF unified School District gets the same ratings as KNBR's AM sports station. I thought Cumulus wanted to get every last dollar?

  3. I meant OTHER am station. You know,1050.

  4. The only time i listen to 910 is on the way to work, as I find Armstrong and Getty interesting and funny at times. Their politics don't play particularly well with most bay area folks and people on this forum, but at least they put together a 4 hour show, unlike the other hosts who are almost phoning it in...They have callers and guests at times which aren't always selling a book. I can't listen to Gil Gross for more than about 5 minutes.

  5. Bloomberg Radio is really making an impact...ugh.

  6. Yet Gross continues to follow the company line of 20 topics per hour, lots of oohs and aaahs and then the cackling wife on Fridays. I haven't tuned to that show in well over 1.5 years. Someone mentioned The Cabbage nation earlier. Is he still peddling his last book? That was the last straw for me. Cabbage reading Cabbage's latest book. Snoozefest!

    1. I listened yesterday to David Weintrob filling in for Gil and it was both really good and really not good. The first hour or two he was high energy, witty, funny, engaging even if he did talk about sports a lot but I guess the Brady thing was a big deal. He referenced his time working for Michael Savage which I didn't know about. That must have been a hoot. The last hour or so he seemed to stop caring as much and talked about whatever came to mind. He has the potential to be very good but sometimes it sounds like he doesn't care that much. Why not stick him with Gil?

  7. If Ronn Owens IS accepting free meals on a regular basis at any restaurant, he is in direct blatant violation of the Cumulus Payola policy that they force us to sign a hard-copy of every year. That document is crystal clear; we are not to take gifts from advertisers or potential advertisers for any amount over $20, *annually.*

    Accordingly, Atlanta may be interested in knowing if this rumor is true; if "mattress man" is really eating free because he mentions the restaurant on-air, Cumulus would have all that they need to unilaterally end his contract and terminate him, legally. Even if they have no intention of doing so, just handing them the opportunity makes those "free" meals rather expensive, don't you think?

    1. Comped cruises too.

    2. 8:17, you don't know if (a) he's a silent partner in the restaurant, in which case he's eating "free" at his own property, (b) if he's had to sign the same Cumulus Payola Policy that you allude to -- his could be a negotiated document, which has exceptions for certain situations, or (c) if the North Beach Restaurant ever was or ever had the potential to be a Cumulus advertiser. Ronn's been talking about TNBR, and his friendship with the late owner (Lorenzo Petrone?), for literally decades, so it may be in his contact that occasional on-air mentions are an exception to the rule.

      8:41, cruises are different. He is, in effect, paid talent on the cruise, and part of his compensation is the cruise itself for him (and I'd assume Jan). And those cruises are usually preceded by a flight of paid spots (live reads, no less) to churn up paying passengers. Because, if you think about it critically, why would any cruise line want to give Ronn free passage if his presence wasn't going to drum up new paying customers for that same cruise? He wins, KGO/Cumulus wins,the cruise line wins, and hopefully the passengers come away happy.

  8. 25 – 54 Adults

    1. STAR
    2. Alice
    3. KOIT
    4. NOW!
    5. KMEL