Tuesday, May 26, 2015

It's Official: Mike Mibach To Co-Anchor New KTVU Weekday 4 PM News; Station Plans New Platform And Experiments On NewsCast

 I told you the other day that Mike Mibach would co-anchor KTVU Channel 2's new newscast at 4 PM with Keba Arnold and it's now official.

Mibach will leave Weekend "Mornings on Two" and begin his new broadcast duties next Monday. June 22.

Traditionally, 4 PM on TV News schedules is commonly referred to as the "Death Valley" of time slots but my Insiders at KTVU tell me that the Fox O and O is going to experiment with many new ideas; perhaps many more longer packages; more live interviews and "unusual" projects that viewers wouldn't normally see on the more traditional 5, 6, and 10/11 PM news.

Moreover, local TV news is still infinitely profitable no matter the time of day and KTVU adding a 4 PM news program (which will compete against KGO-TV) isn't all that surprising. Additionally, the idea of longer interviews, more live shots, and more emphasis to local stories is a welcome addition to the Bay Area TV market.

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  1. You will see more of a re-hash of the morning show and whatever teases and previews that are available by 4pm. . It's also lite,lite,lite.

    Breaking news if that occurs.

    But don't count on anything aggressive

    As usual the nightside producers will keep all the good stuff for the evening cast..

  2. 4pm is more forgiving now that Oprah is gone.

  3. Does this mean TMZ is gone? Does anyone actually watch that ish? Does Fox own it? Anyway I won't tune in until 4:01 if at all. Can't stand the sight of that Harvey bottom feeder person.

  4. Sorry, but TMZ and FOX O&O's go hand in hand.

    Harvey Levin also has very high Q scores in the BA.

  5. Who cares, KTVU News is of poor quality.

  6. Like in Boston, no new staff will be added, and they'll make due with old set pieces and stretch the editorial staff and technical staff thinner than they already are.

    1. Under COX ownership WFXT-FOX have added staff and improved ratings. That's under that former KTVU news director and GM.